On Campus Recruiting

SlugQuest, part of NACElink Network, the official job & internship website of UCSC, has advanced features to make recruiting easier and more effective.

Employers may request interview schedules via SlugQuest under theShortcuts menu in Create New Schedule Request. Below are descriptions of the different recruitment models you may choose from:

  • Room Reservation Only

    Employers can use this model if they want an interview room on campus and will be building their own interview schedule. There are a few ways to do this:

    • Employers can create a job posting in SlugQuest under Create Job Posting and specify the date they will be holding on-campus interviews in the How to Apply field. Students can view and apply through SlugQuest. Note: DO NOT post the position as an attachment to the room reservation request.
    • Employers can hold interviews without posting a position (for example, employers might build their own schedule after meeting students at a career fair or tabling in the Quarry Plaza.)
  • Preselect

    Employers can post a position in SlugQuest under the Preselect model. This model allows employers to set-up a time frame for resume submissions, select the students that they wish to interview, and students that have been selected for interviews will sign up for an interview time in SlugQuest. A interview packet can be printed out for employers as well. Once your request has been approved, please view the OCR Dates which is your timeframe for allowing resume submission start/end, employer select start/end, preselect sign-up start/end, and cancellation start/end. Please use the following instructions to view your OCR Dates:

    • Login to SlugQuest and click on View OCR Schedule under Shortcuts
    • Click on the date of your scheduled interview
    • Click on Edit Schedule Details, from there you will see the OCR Dates on the righthand side of the page

    If you need to adjust your OCR Dates, please contact us at slugquest@ucsc.edu