Off-Campus Work-study Time Reporting Process

UCSC has moved its payroll processing from a monthly payroll cycle to a bi-weekly payroll cycle. Below are new instructions for your organization to properly report your employee’s time to the Financial Aid and Scholarship office (FASO) for processing. With the new bi-weekly cycle turnaround times are shorter and more frequent therefore we have designed a process to help facilitate a more efficient approval process.

  1. Ensure each student who worked, submits hours in CruzPay on their last working day of the pay period or the submission deadline.

  2. Verify that time submitted for each student accurately matches your internal accounting of Work-Study hours.

  3. Each employer will complete the Time Reporting Worksheet (TRW) on the last working day of the pay period and fax it to the FASO (831) 459-3628.  
    • We are no longer requiring you to forward individual timesheet for approval process; we are accepting a one page approval process. (See sample)
      FASO will email the TRW prior to the end of each pay period.
    • Each employer will locate and PRINT their TRW page.
    • The report will be populated with your student names, you will need to insert the hours each student has worked for that pay period, sign and date at the bottom.
    • Your TRW page with all hours must be received by FASO by approval deadline for student to be paid on time.

Late Timesheet submissions will result in a two week delay in pay to the student;
If a student fails to submit their timesheet in CruzPay prior to the cutoff date, it will require manual processing.

  1. The Student will log into CruzPay and print a paper timesheet.
  2. The Student will give you the timesheet for approval.
  3. The employer will fax the signed timesheet to FASO @ (831) 459-3628

Google Biweekly Pay Dates Calendar

For additional assistance, please contact Christine Camicia in the Financial Aid office at 831 459-4342 or