Student Job Classifications

This document reprinted from the Staff HR web site, which contains more information on student compensation.

Pay rates effective 1/1/08.

Job Title Min Mid Max
Student Asst. II $8.00 $10.08 $12.15
Student Asst. III $8.50 $10.73 $12.96
Student Asst. IV $9.00 $13.00 $17.00

Please Note: Effective January 2008, the Career Center began enforcing the existing student employment policy, which states that ERs may not be approved at more than 10% above the minimum pay rate for a student assistant title without written justification. This policy can be found at:

The student compensation committee recommended this policy clarification as part of the last student wage increase proposal:

The purpose of the policy is to achieve better wage consistency and equity for our student employees. The Career Center will be compiling the written justifications for review at the next student compensation committee meeting.

Please adjust the pay rate to within 10% of the minimum, or provide written justification in the "Comments for Career Center" section of the ER.

University of California
Santa Cruz

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Student Assistant
Classification and Compensation Program

A. Characteristics of Student Employment

  • Student Assistants normally work less than fifty percent, except for quarter breaks or during the Summer, during which time the student may work up to full-time.
  • Student Assistants’ terms and conditions of employment are governed by Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and are designated as Professional and Support Staff (PSS) under PPSM.
  • Student Assistant positions are reserved for registered undergraduate and graduate students of the University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • The appointment is temporary.
  • Working hours are irregular.
  • Work is secondary to the student’s academic and student life.
  • Work schedules are flexible enough to support the academic program of the student.
  • As distinguished from regular staff positions, Student Assistant positions have less complex responsibilities, require less skills, knowledge and experience and training; are absent continuing responsibility and or ongoing accountability for the work performed. Incumbents work less independently and exercise judgment less often.

B. Student Assistant Classification Series

Series Concept

Positions in the Student Assistant Series are assigned duties in a variety of positions ranging from routine to advanced and/or specialized, which usually require the use of manual, clerical, advising, public contact, and/or analytical skills. The series consists of three levels with the distinctions between levels based on the relative degree of difficulty inherent in duties performed.

Assistant II ($8.00-$12.15)

Positions at this level are assigned a variety of duties under either close supervision or under supervision ranging from unskilled to semi-skilled duties. Duties are generally repetitive clerical and/or manual tasks.

Positions involving unskilled or semi-skilled duties range from requiring no prior experience and minimal training to requiring some experience and minimal training (which may also include responsibility for safety of people or equipment, sole responsibility for security of the facility); and/or a basic skill set, e.g., word-processing, data entry, filing, recordkeeping, reception, food preparation, cashiering, custodial, maintenance. Examples of campus positions at this level are:


Laboratory Helper/Aide

Clerical/Administrative Assistant II

Library (Book) Cleaning Assistant

Coffee Shop Worker

Library Stacks Assistant

College Work Crew

Mailroom Clerk


Maintenance/Grounds/Custodial Assistant II



Facilities Assistant II


Kiosk Attendant

Assistant III ($8.50-$12.96)

Positions at this level are assigned a variety of skilled duties under supervision, exercises independent judgment for performing the duties (which may include responsibility of work leader, for safety of people or equipment, sole responsibility of security of the facility); some previous experience and requirements for either a moderate or more advanced level of knowledge of the academic field or the type of work, specialized skills, e.g., data base management skills, advanced word-processing skills, advanced laboratory assistant skills; and/or language requirements; and/or license/certification requirements. Positions at this level typically include responsibility for performance of a sequence of interrelated tasks and some routine problem solving. Examples of campus positions at this level are:

Academic Survey Assistant

Graphics/Publications Assistant


Laboratory Assistant

Arts Assistant

Library Stacks Work Leader

Arts Publicity Aide

Library/Reference Data Base Stack Assistant

Assistant to the Blind


Child Care Worker

Maintenance/Grounds/Custodial/ Assistant III

Clerical/Administrative Assistant III

Orchestra Assistant

College Peer Advisor


College Student Assistant

Recreation Assistant

Computer Instructional Assistant


Dance Accompanist

Research Aide

EOP Program Advisor

Video/Production Assistant

Facilities Assistant III


Assistant IV ($9.00 - $17.00)

Positions at this level are assigned a variety of complex duties under direction, ranging in complexity and scope and may require advanced to extensive training, academic coursework or experience, and/or specialized skills and knowledge applied independently to a highly complex device or organization and/or which may include responsibility of work leader, for safety of people or equipment, sole responsibility of security of the facility. Examples of campus positions at this level are:

Academic/Administrative Researcher

Microcomputer Technician

Audio/Video Electronics Assistant


Computing Consultant

Navigator/Boat Operator

Computer Research Assistant

Research Assistant


Software Programmer

Drafting Assistant

WWW Assistant

Graphic Designer

WWW Site Designer

Library Circulation Desk Work Leader