Applying for a Job

  • Use the white links on the top of the page to look for Work-Study or Non Work-Study Student jobs.
  • Some jobs appear in both lists and you application is marked either work-study or non work-study, depending on which version you apply for.
  • Click on the Job title to see the job description.
    If you know the ER number, you can type it in after choosing the proper work-study or non work-study listing and click Get ER.
  • At the bottom of the job description page, click the Apply to This Job button.
  • You will be asked to sign in using your student ID and birthdate (see Accessing the System) if you are not already logged in.
  • Complete or verify your user profile information. This information is included with all submitted applications. You are asked to confirm the profile and may edit it each time you log in. To edit your profile again in the current session, log in again.
  • Complete the job application and hit the "Apply" button at the bottom. You may also import saved information into this application. It is always best to have a saved application already prepared before you apply for a job. (See Applications)
  • Log out of the system when done.