Student Applications

A currently registered student may apply for jobs and/or save up to 5 applications for future use. You will be able to import this information directly into an application for a specific job. You also have the option of making a saved application viewable to potential hiring supervisors.

Student Profile:

The first time you use the system, you will be asked to create a profile. All information in the profile is included with every job application and is updated for all applications every time you edit your profile. You will be asked to confirm this information and may edit it every time you log in to the ER system. To Edit your profile during the current session, use the login/logout tab to log in again.

Saved / Public Applications:

  • Each student may save up to 5 applications in the system. There are two ways to save an application:
    1. Click the "My Applications" link and use the "Create New" button.
    2. After submitting an application for a job, if you didn't start by importing saved information, you will be asked if you want to save a copy of it for future use
  • A saved application may be made viewable to hiring supervisors if you check the appropriate box at the top of the application form. Note that usually you must actually apply for a job to be offered one.
    • Try to give the application a meaningful name such as "Computer Skills" or "Child Care" so that supervisors have a clue as to what the application contains.
    • You may also pick a category for the application to be listed under.
    • If a supervisor sees your application and wants to interview you for a job, they will contact you via email or phone and ask you to apply for their job. You can not be hired directly from the saved application.
    • Remove the "Public View" option from your applications if you are no longer interested in receiving job offers.
  • When applying for a job, you will have an opportunity to import the information from any one of your saved applications into the job application.

Important items of note:

  • After you are hired, but before you may start working, you must bring these required documents to Career Center to get on payroll.
  • The following information is supplied to hiring supervisors and is updated nightly from the UCSC SIS system. This information is not entered by the student on the application:
    • Name
    • SID (student ID number)
    • College
    • Major
    • Standing (freshmen, sophomore, etc.)
    • EGD (estimated graduation date - the first 2 numbers are the year and the next number is the term.)
    • Financial Aid Award (work-study only)
  • The following application fields are taken from the student profile, stored in the ER system. You are asked to confirm and update this information every time you use the system to apply for a job or create/edit a saved application. All of the fields are updated for every application every time you make changes.
    • Address fields
    • Phone number fields
    • Relatives employed at UCSC
    • Previous UCSC employment
    • Convictions and description
  • Students may not access or change any fields in the rest of the job application after it has been submitted for a specific job.
  • Supervisors will not have access to applications from students who are no longer registered.