• Academic Career Guide: A Career Guide for a successful academic career, UCSC.
  • Scholarly Pursuits: A Practical Guide to the Academe: By Cynthia Yerba
    See Sample Application Essays, Fellowship Proposals, CV and Cover Letter for candidates from the Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 5th Edition.
  • How To Get Published: Tips for Research Papers, Academic Papers, Scientific Presentations, Report Statistics, Written and Illustrated Articles. Practical advice of a seasoned Journal Editor. Reprinted from Academic Word.

Selected Videos available at the Career Center Library:

There are over fourty videos on various subjects available for viewing at the Cereer Center.

  • Career Panel on the Academic Job Search 3/09/04
    Faculty from Engineering, Humanities, and Natural Sciences give testimonials and departmental chair perspectives.
  • Grant Writing Workshop 5/12/04
    Graduate Workshop, Arts Humanities, Social Science.
  • How to Beat the PhD Blues: Module on Financial Planning 4/15/04
    Presented by the FDFUND Net
  • DVD upload of May 11 2007 Graduate Symposium proceediings on the Academic Job Search for Graduate students and Post Doctoral Fellows

    This upload of our 2007 Symposium hosted by the Career Center and UCSC and External Faculty, provides students with two training sessions: Session one is an overview of current Faculty perspectives on the Academic and Post Doctoral Job search by Divisions: Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences and Math. The second Session provides Faculty Panel perspectives on key issues which cross Divisions: Negotiating your first Faculty Position, The Academic Job Talk Interview and Finding a Post Doctoral Position and Making the most of it.

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