Academic Job Search UC Santa Cruz Career Symposium May 11, 2007

A Symposium for Graduate Student and Post Doctoral Fellows

This upload of our 2007 Symposium hosted by the Career Center and UCSC and External Faculty, provides students with two training sessions: Session one is an overview of current Faculty perspectives on the Academic and Post Doctoral Job search by Divisions: Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences and Math. The second Session provides Faculty Panel perspectives on key issues which cross Divisions: Negotiating your first Faculty Position, The Academic Job Talk Interview and Finding a Post Doctoral Position and Making the most of it.

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The Academic Job Search with Panel Perspectives by Division

Panel Perspectives on Key Issues across Divisions

Cosponors of this event include:

  • UC Santa Cruz Career Center
  • Graduate Students Association
  • Graduate Studies Division
  • Division of the Arts
  • Division of Physical & Biological Sciences
  • Humanities Division
  • Social Sciences Division