Government Web Sites

           Dept. of Justice

Dept. of Labor

Dept. of State

Peace Corps
USAID: Agency for International Development

Dept. of Transportation

Dept. of Treasury

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

Bureau of Public Debt

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks

Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs

Independent Federal administrative agencies:
EEOC: Equal Opportunity Commission
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency 
FCC: Federal Communication Commission
FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: jobs under “about FDIC”
Federal Labor Relations Authority 
National Archives and Records Administration 
National Labor Relations Board 
National Science Foundation 
NRC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission: jobs in "E"index
Office of Government Ethics: jobs under “about OGE”
Office of Personnel Management 
Postal Rate Commission 
Security and Exchange Commission 
Social Security Administration 
USPS: US Postal Service

Other governmental job sites:

State of CA jobs:
California State Personnel Board
Association of Bay Area Governments 
CA State Personnel Board 
CalOpportunities: careers in public service
Monterey County Municipal Management Association of Northern CA 
Santa Cruz County: Santa Cruz County jobs

Other States 
Washington State Dept. of Personnel