Pre-Health Coaching at UCSC

Pre-Health Coaches


Christina Hall
Interim Pre-Health Coach
(831) 459-4839


Julia Sather
Peer Pre-Health Coach

WELCOME to the pre-health coaching website at the UCSC Career Center

UC Santa Cruz's pre-health community is composed of future physicians, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many more! Pre-Health advising is here to give you quality information and advice to become a successful candidate for health-related professional schools.

Disclaimer: Do not rely soley on this information. This website is designed to act as a guide to help you navigate the various health care careers you have to choose from and to understand the general pre-requisite coursework needed to apply to many of these programs. Check the websites for programs or schools you are interested in for specific requirments before applying.

Please click on the topics on the left navigation menu for more information about Health Careers and resources.

We are your campus resource for information on:

  • Fulfilling pre-requisites

  • Choosing from the broad spectrum of Health Careers

  • Preparing a competitive application

  • How to gain clinical experience, volunteer experience, and internships

Be apart of the new pre-health listserve to stay up-to-date on information about interesting and relevant events happening on and around campus! Email us at if you would like to be added to the listserve.

Looking for a STEM summer research program?

Winter is the time to apply to summer research programs! For a list of STEM summer research opportunities click here.

Special Thanks to Caiti Maskrey and past Pre-Health advisers for creating the UCSC Career Center Pre-Health Manual!