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Patrick Justice, Dean of Students CUIP speaking to Barbara Silverthorne, Career Center Director

When the internship is offered to the intern by the CUIP program staff in Spring, the intern will sign an Intern Agreement with the CUIP program.

When the internship begins, a contract and working agreement between the mentor and the intern are negotiated, signed and turned in to the CUIP program staff by the end of October. Documents to guide initial discussions between mentors and interns about mutual expectations are available here:

Mentors are expected to provide interns with informal evaluations at the end of each quarter and a year end written evaluation which is incorporated into the intern's final narrative evaluation for the course:

  • Mentor Year End Evaluation Outline (pdf) to be incorporated into final narrative evaluation for the course.

Check out the CUIP FAQ on the CUIP home page for more information regarding program requirements and intern compensation.

2014 - 2015 - Proposals

Campus Mentors Propose Internships