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Economics Field Study Program

The UCSC Economics Field Study program offers placements in the economics, global economics or business management majors. Placements range with brokerage firms, marketing and advertising agencies, accounting firms, software companies, human resource departments, trade associations, consulting firms, government agencies, community non-profits, local businesses and research organizations both in Santa Cruz and other locations. Students are supervised by a faculty and receive support from the internship coordinator.

Contact: Econ Program Coordinator  Email: econintern@ucsc.edu  Phone: 831 459-5077

Psychology Field Study Program

The UCSC Psychology Field Study program matches well-prepared psychology majors to internship positions in areas of non-profits, schools and government agencies. Students are required to make a six-month commitment to providing ten hours a week of service (paid or unpaid). In addition to their work, students are supported in completing an academic project with a Psychology faculty member. Students are interested in a range of positions including mentoring, assisting social workers and counselors, community based research projects, working for social change organizations, the criminal justice system, women's organizations and learning about the foster care and mental health systems.

Contact: Donna Baldini   Email: dbaldini@ucsc.edu   Phone: 831-459-4410   
On-line Internship proposals accepted. You may also login and edit existing internships and proposals at: https://www.careercenter.ucsc.edu/internships/proposals/index.cfm?P=3

Health Science Internship Program

The UCSC Health Science Internship Program prepares students in the Health Science major to help match them with the appropriate internship interest in the health field and receive credit for the experience. There is a supervised effort to promote critical thinking, observation and reflection, which foster the student’s intellectual, personal and professional development. Students work in a community health setting for 12-14 hours per week where they develop their skills and gain experience within the health field.

Contact the Internship Coordinator, Caroline Berger, cmberger@ucsc.edu 831 459-5647 to discuss how best to post your health internship opportunity.

Environmental Studies Internship Program

The Environmental Studies internship program is constantly looking for new placements to meet the diverse needs of our students and to serve the environmental community. An internship for credit is a three-party relationship between the employer, the student, and their professor. Students are supervised by a faculty member and receive support and guidance from the internship coordinator. We ask that you orient, integrate, and provide on-going supervision to the student so that he or she can have a beneficial learning experience. We offer our students a broad range of placements, so we encourage any agency dealing with environmental issues on any level to consider making a placement available. Project-type internships with a definite beginning and ending are more accessible to our students for academic internships.

Contact Chris Krohn, Internship Coordinator, Email: ckrohn@ucsc.edu   Phone: 831 459-2104