2014 27th Annual Multicultural Career Conference Attendees

Saturday, March 8, 2014, 9:30 am-4:00 pm at Stevenson Event Center

GPS Your Success: Locating Your Career, Community, and Identity

    2014 Keynote Speaker: UCSC Alum Ezequiel Olvera

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    Where there is a need, Ezequiel Olvera knows that there needs to be good intention followed by decisive action. Olvera did both when he founded the Gumball Foundation, a social entrepreneurial venture that teaches the values of creativity and entrepreneurship while helping students earn money for college. Using a hands-on approach, Olvera partners the students with local small businesses and corporate offices to manage their micro-venture.
    Olvera founded the organization in 2009 and it has already garnered prestigious awards including the California Community Foundation’s 2013 Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles Award, the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2012 Social Enterprise of the Year and was nominated for an L.A. Emmy Award in 2013. The Gumball Foundation won the Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition presented by Los Angeles Social Venture Partners and Annenberg Foundation in 2011, and was the national semi-finalist for the 2010 Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur Award. Olvera’s story highlights that life’s detours are actually critical opportunities for learning, growing and expanding as a student and future leader.
    Born and raised in East L.A.’s El Sereno neighborhood, Olvera launched his Gumball venture at the age of 11. By the time Olvera graduated from high school, he had saved $15,000 from the proceeds of more than 40 gumball and refreshment machines around the city to fund his college studies. With the profits earned as a young entrepreneur, combined with an academic scholarship, he was University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) bound.
    While at UCSC, Olvera held several jobs to pay for his tuition including tutoring economics at the EOP center, being a residential advisor at Oakes College and hosting tours for the campus Office of Admissions. While giving a tour, Olvera met the Lieutenant Governor of California’s sister who insisted he apply for an internship with the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Despite not having an interest in politics, he interned with Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante the summer of his freshmen year and used the opportunity to grow and be exposed to a new sector. Soon after he interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  
    In 2005, Olvera joined Antonio Villaraigosa’s mayoral campaign serving on special projects. He also co-managed the campaign office and served as an aide to the future mayor. Working on the campaign afforded Olvera the opportunity to meet labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta. Following Huerta’s example, Olvera committed himself to inspiring other students and founded the Latino Business Student Association, a pre-professional organization designed to open doors to businesses for students of diverse backgrounds. Olvera graduated from UCSC in the spring of 2007 with a bachelor of arts in business management and economics and a minor in Latin American Latino studies. He joined KPMG’s business advisory team in San Francisco’s financial district upon graduation.
    While he valued his time at KPMG, Olvera came back home to invest in the community that invested in him. Olvera fulfilled his vision and founded the Gumball Foundation using the business model from his childhood along with the curriculum and the self-sustaining business plan he developed while still at UCSC as part of the Global Information Internship Program (GIIP), now known as the Dorothy E. Everett program.
    Olvera served on the corporate relations board committee of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s and served on the national board of trustees of Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY). He is also a lifetime member of the UCSC alumni association and part of UC Santa Cruz 50th Anniversary Leadership Committee.
    Using his varied experience and resourceful nature he has attracted high-profile supporters for the Gumball Foundation and has been featured by the U.S Department of State and on KPMG Alumni Connect, NBC, ABC, FOX, LATV, TELEMUNDO AND CNN en Español, among others. Olvera continues to earn his wisdom and make his luck.
    The future is bright for Ezequiel Olvera and his ‘Gumballers’. His vision for the Gumball Foundation is to have the model be adopted and expanded into a permanent after-school program. Ultimately, the goal is for the program to be replicated in underserved communities across the nation where the need for students to gain real-world experience and develop a universal business skill set while saving for college is greatest.

  • 2014 Alumni Attendees

  • Attendee List is subject to change. 

    Arts & Media
    Business & Management
    Teaching/Administration Higher Education
    Teaching/Administration K-12

    Arts & Media

    Wendy Temblador
    Academic Counselor PVUSD
    Oakes, MA, Community Studies & Education, 2005
    San Jose State, MA, Counseling and Education & PPSC credential

    F.C. Brandt
    Production Artist, Freelance
    Kresge BA Illustration 1993
    University of Maryland  
    F.C. Brandt is an award winning filmmaker and comic book artist. He has worked as a storyboard artist for movies, music videos, and commercials since 2001. 
    Asena Tuione asena.tuione<at>gmail.com
    Center Director, Sylvan Learning Center 
    Oakes, BA, Sociology, Education, 2004    
    Columbia University, Teachers College, MA, Sociology, Education, 2007     
    Asena's LinkedIn            
    Lauren Benetua lbenetua<at>gmail.com
    Youth and Community Programs Developer, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
    Porter, BA, History of Art and Visual Culture, Classical Studies, 2010
    Edinburgh University Marist College, Lorenzo de' Medici Italian International Institute, MA, Museum Studies, 2014
    I am a dedicated scholar of art and cultural heritage who enthusiastically advocates innovative and informal education. It is my mission to enhance social and cultural bridging through participatory community arts projects. Seeking higher education has served me well in opening more exciting opportunities and challenges within arts institutions and industries. I currently develop teen and youth art programs, facilitate pop up museums, and assist curatorial staff. 
    Jessica Arévalo-Hillen
    Alumni Relations Manager, California College of the Arts
    Cowell, BA, Sociology, 2005
    California College of the Arts, MA, Fine Arts, 2012
    My career path is based in social justice values that utilize community building and story telling as tools for creating change. My first job after graduating from UCSC was at a Santa Cruz women's domestic violence organization. I volunteered there during my senior year. Since then my work has included women's rights, sex education, LGBTQ youth advocacy, and I eventually found my passion in oral history work and writing. I work part-time for StoryCorps, a national oral history nonprofit, and am working to complete my first novel.
    Karen Lacey lacey_k<at>sbcglobal.net
    Freelance Multi-Media, Self-Employed
    College Eight, BA, World Literature and Cultural Studies, 1998     


    Business and Management
    Chandra Henderson chmihe<at>cs.com
    Representative Primerica 
    College Eight, BA, Economics, Environmental Studies, 2001
    University of Phoenix, MBA
    Since UCSC I have gotten my MBA. I'm really into having home businesses and home business programs. I want a PhD in general psychology.
    Elisa Torate
    Social Media Analytics Manager, Bank of the West              
    College Nine, BA, Sociology, 2011            
    Currently, I am the social media analytics manager at Bank of the West. Previously, I was an analyst at Levi Strauss & Co. for 2 years. 
    Elisa's LinkedIn
    John Valmores
    Team Lead Business Applications and Technology Service Desk, University of California Berkeley
    Oakes, BA, European History, 1995
    Glasgow University 
    John's LinkedIn

    Napoleon Buenrostro napoleon<at>dovocem.com
    Interpreter/Translator Clark County, Nevada                            
    Stevenson, BA, Linguistics, 2005  
    Monterey Institute of International Studies, MA, Translation and Localization Management 2014     
    Upon graduation from UCSC, Napoleon worked as a Foreign Language Teacher's Assistant in Angers, France. Buenrostro then attended the Monterey Institute of International Studies, M.A. Translation and Localization Management. Currently, Napoleon's employment is that of an interpreter for the Eight Judicial District in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a freelance interpreter/translator in the southern Nevada area. In the non-profit sector, Napoleon Buenrostro currently holds the position of Vice President for the Nevada Translators and Interpreters Association (NITA).       
    (Not attending, can be contacted via email)   
    Eanad Lott eanad<at>yahoo.com
    Deputy Director of Operations, Saint John's
    Cowell, BA, English, American Literature 1992
    The Ohio State University, Masters in African American Studies, 1993

    Geoffrey Huang
    Director of Product Management & Marketing, F5 Networks              
    Cowell, BS, BA, MA, Literature, Computer Engineering, 2000
    UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business, MBA, 2012                     
    I interned while I was a student at Cisco Systems. After graduation, I worked as a software engineer there for a few years before switching gears to product management and marketing. To accelerate my career, I got my MBA at the UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business.
    Geoffrey's LinkedIn                                    
    Dom Siababa dsiababa<at>vmware.com
    Program Manager, R&D Education, VMware
    Merrill, BA, Sociology, 1975
    I am a management professional with 30+ years of experience working in various sized organizations – from a Fortune 11 company with 350,000 employees to a privately held company with 350 employees. I have held a number of management positions in primarily support functions in the utility and high tech industries and am currently a Program Manager, R&D Education, at VMware, a medium-sized software company. It has been an interesting ride from being at an organization where once people hired on, they expected to retire from that company, to going through the hiring/lay off cycles of high tech. I was recently let go from my former employer on October 15, 2013, and was able to apply, interview and receive a job offer from my current employer five weeks later. Having a clear understanding of: the emotional process one goes through, the job selection process, what you bring to a company and what kind of company you want to work for coupled with the application of certain job search techniques are extremely important to your job search success.
    Dom's LinkedIn
    David De Leon Slugalumdave<at>gmail.com
    Warehouse Supervisor, Salvation Army
    Porter, BA, History, 2012
    Since graduating, I have been spending time blending into the community of downtown Santa Cruz. Ever since accepting a position with Salvation Army’s downtown thrift store, I have really grown a new perspective for the area and enjoy giving back to my new community whether it is students or citizens alike.  



    Tamu Nolfo info<at>nolfoconsulting.com
    Consultant Nolfo Consulting, Inc.
    Merrill BA Sociology  1993  
    UC Davis, PhD in Human Development 2008
    My primary goal since graduating from UC Santa Cruz has been cultivating communities in which young people of all backgrounds can have the best shot at fulfilling their potential. This has included working directly with young people by engaging them in leadership development. By working with non-profit organizations, schools, and government institutions we can garner resources and provide high-quality culturally responsive services and opportunities. Community coalitions can forge the kinds of policies and practices in neighborhoods to foster success. My advice is to pursue the kind of work that you would do even if you weren't getting paid to do it, and if that job doesn't exist, find mentors and fans that will help you create it.
    Dale Villasenor drdaledds<at>yahoo.com
    General Dentist, Self-Employed
    Oakes, BA, MCD Biology, 1995
    Columbia University  
    Dr. Dale is a Bay Area native, who now lives and practices dentistry in Walnut Creek. He grew up in SF and attended Lowell High School. He graduated from UCSC with a BA in MCD Biology. From there, he spent three and a half years working in several professions ranging from veterinary medicine to optometry to orthodontics. After much self-reflection, Dr. Dale decided to pursue the field of dentistry. He graduated in 2002 from one of three Ivy League dental schools in the country, Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery in NYC. He also completed an Advanced Education in General and Cosmetic Dentistry program at Columbia University. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, but also enjoys seeing patients ranging in age from small children to seniors. 
    Derrick Chua Chua<at>att.net
    Dentist, Self-Employed
    College Eight, BS, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, 1997
    College of San Mateo 
    Temple University, Dental, 2004
    Have fun. Work hard. Graduate ASAP. Work hard.

    Bernadette Zavala bszavala<at>elgatito.com
    Retired, Public Health Administration, Self-Employed
    Stevenson, BA, Psychology, Sociology, 1979
    East Los Angeles College
    San Jose State, MA, Public Health, 1982
    I graduated from UCSC and got a job working in the clinic at Planned Parenthood, Santa Cruz. I had been an intern working with them in their education division and it was there that I met my first public health education mentor. Although I really enjoyed the clinic work, not having a science background, I decided to pursue a Masters in Public Health instead of a nursing degree. I got my MPH from San Jose State and was fortunate to continue my interest in Women's Health by working in Monterey County in a multidisciplinary perinatal program. Funding drove my career, leading me to work in heart disease prevention, hypertension, smoking prevention, occupant safety, and eventually director of Santa Cruz County Health Education programs. I retired in 1991 to raise my family. Currently I manage rental properties that our family owns and manage a small horse boarding facility at our home in Soquel.
    Xochitl Lomeli
    Sr. Social Worker, Santa Cruz County 
    Merrill, BA, Sociology, Education, 2006  
    San Jose State University, MA, Social Work, 2009
    Nicholas Duval nickduval44<at>gmail.com
    Project Manager, Open Medicine Institute
    College Nine, BS, Health Sciences, Human Biology, 2013
    Involving myself in University and student-led organizations opened many doors for me. My UC Santa Cruz mentor helped connect me with Mountain View-based Fogarty Institute for Innovation start-up, Open Medicine Institute (http://openmedicineinstitute.org). In my opinion, living and working in Silicon Valley should be considered by all UCSC graduates. Moving "over the hill" is an exciting and rewarding opportunity I will never regret taking.
    Nicholas' LinkedIn



    Business Manager, Contracts & Outsourcing, Aerotek Scientific (Genentech)                        
    Oakes, BA, Legal Studies, 2001    
    SFSU, San Francisco State University, Paralegal Certificate, 2008
    Managed Care Institute (Denver, CO), Certificate, 2011            
    My career path after graduating UC Santa Cruz began as a paralegal; working in law firm and in-house settings. When I moved in-house, I started as a Contracts Paralegal in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, working at the leading SF Bay Area biotech/pharmaceutical companies. Currently, I am a Business Manager, Contracts & Outsourcing at Genentech in South San Francisco and appreciate every job I've ever held; each has been a stepping stone to advancing my career. Appreciate each opportunity because it will open the next one for you.   
    Edris Rodriguez edris<at>e-licenciados.com
    Associate, Villegas Carrera LLP  
    Kresge, BA, Language Studies, Politics, 2006  
    U.C. Hastings, JD, 2012
    After graduating, I worked as a Civil Rights Analyst with the United States Department of Justice, where I worked in enforcing the voting rights of minority citizens throughout the United States. In 2009, I moved to San Francisco to attend U.C. Hastings. In 2012, I graduated with a Juris Doctor. After I was admitted into the California State Bar, I began my career as an Assistant District Attorney at the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. Currently, I work as an Associate with Villegas Carrera LLP, where I represent low-wage workers against their employers.
    Aldo Mercado aldo.mercado<at>gmail.com
    Attorney Boss Law Firm APLC
    Stevenson, BA, Literature, Legal Studies 2000
    Univ. of San Francisco J.D. 2004  
    Aldo's LinkedIn
    Brittany Nobles noblesbm<at>tjsl.edu
    Legal Intern, A Private Law Corporation, Law Student WHGC, 
    Kresge, BA, HAVC, Politics, Sociology, 2009  
    Thomas Jefferson School of Law, JD Candidate, 2014
    Since graduating from UCSC, I have been at two law schools, the first being California Western School of Law in San Diego, and the second, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where I am set to graduate this May. I went right into law school two weeks after I finished my summer classes in 2009, and after not making it through the tough first year curve at CWSL, I took a year off and reapplied to law schools. In that year off I became a certified mediator with OC Human Relations, through which I also created workshops on bullying and presented them at local high schools and at the OC Dept. of Health and Education's First Annual Bullying Prevention Conference. I also worked as the Travel Camp Director for a summer at a summer camp for individuals with developmental disabilities in Boulder Creek.
    Since returning to law school, I have participated in student organizations, especially OUTLaw, of which I am currently President. This year has be one of strengthening relationships and networks in the San Diego legal community for our org, as we have coordinated with the Human Rights Campaign, and have held the first inter law school mixer between our LGBT org and those from the other two San Diego law schools, at CWSL, and USD. Opportunities that have been big for me were the various internships I have held since starting law school, from working for a solo practitioner doing lifer parole hearings, to working with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's Grant Writing professionals, and where I work currently in Orange County at an intellectual property and international business law firm. 
    (Not attending, can be contacted via email)
    Jessica Delgado Jessicadelgado<at>me.com
    Attorney Law Offices of the Alternate Public Defender, Santa Clara County
    Merrill, BA, Politics, 1995
    UC Berkeley, JD, 1998
    Jessica Delgado was a Bridge student from Cabrillo College, transferring to UCSC in 1992. Jessica has been working as a trial attorney representing the indigent accused for fifteen years. In 2013, the Santa Clara County Office of the Public Defender named her Attorney of the Year for her litigation in Three Strikes Reform cases, culminating in the release of fifteen clients who were serving life sentences for non-serious, non-violent crimes. Jessica is currently assigned to the Homicide Trial Team.
    (Not attending, can be contacted via email)


    Erasmo San Juan zanjuan4<at>gmail.com
    Psychiatric Social Worker, Monterey County                                   
    Oakes, BA, LALS, 2006    
    San Jose State, MA, Social Work  

    Jorge Wong Jorge.wong<at>aaci.org
    Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Asian Americans for Community Involvement
    Oakes, BA, Psychology, 1989
    Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto University, PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2002

    Victoria Dominguez victoria.n.dominguez<at>gmail.com
    Organizer & College Head Start Facilitator, Central American Resource Center (CARECEN - LA)
    Oakes, BA, Politics, Legal Studies, 2012
    Since graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2012 I have worked at the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in Los Angeles. I was able to connect with this nonprofit while in college by interning with them over holiday breaks. By having interning at CARECEN I was able to make connections, all of which helped me have a job secured before graduating college.
    Victoria's LinkedIn            
    Diana Alfaro dalfaro<at>midpen-housing.org                             
    Project Administrator, MidPen Housing Corporation   
    College Ten, BA, Politics, LALS, 2011  
    During my senior year at UCSC, I started an internship with the California Coalition for Rural Housing (CCRH). My host Agency for this program was MidPen Housing Corporation, one of the largest affordable housing developers in California. I knew nothing about development and spent the next year learning everything there is to know about development. After my CCRH internship was complete, MidPen hired me as a Project Administrator. Since then I have works on the completion of 2 construction projects and have successfully submitted various financial application for state and federal funding.
    Diana's LinkedIn                                
    John Gutierrez john<at>burbankchurch.org
    Social Worker/Casemanager, Retired
    Porter, BA, Community Studies, 1973
    USC School of Social Work, MSW, 1975
    Retired social worker/casemanager,'02/06. Currently working part-time as an advocate support person for adults with disabilities
    Bhoj Rai brai<at>peacecorps.gov
    Peace Corps, Regional Recruiter, U.S. Peace Corps  
    College Eight, BA, Environmental Studies, 2006  
    Bhoj Rai, Peace Corps Regional Recruiter, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama from 2007-2009. Bhoj received a bachelor's degree in environmental studies with an emphasis on agroecology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2006. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Bhoj worked as a Sustainable Agriculture Trainer with indigenous people in Panama to improve their farming practices, including soil conservation, aquaculture, reforestation and organic compost processing. He also worked as an environmental health educator. Bhoj joined the San Francisco, Peace Corps Regional Recruitment Office as a regional recruiter in December 2009. 
    Elisa Carias elisa.carias<at>pro.sccgov.org 
    Supervising Probation Officer County of Santa Clara
    Merrill BA Sociology Latin American Studies 1997  
    Santa Clara University, JD, 2006
    After graduating from UCSC, I worked in Human Resources for a short time. I joined the Probation Department in 1998 as a Community Coordinator and have had wonderful opportunities in my professional development. In 2006, I received a JD from Santa Clara University. While I never imagined a career in Probation, it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. 
    XiaoQiang Zhong georgezhong2001<at>yahoo.com  
    Customs and Border Protection Officer, Department of Homeland Security
    Kresge, BA, Global Economics, 2010
    After graduation I participated in three UCSC programs that guided me to the beginning of my professional career. I went to China with EAP in the summer, Washington D.C. with UCDC in the fall, and finished back at UCSC with the Economics Field Study Program. After a study abroad trip, a government internship, and a private sector internship, I decided to go into public service. About a year later, I began my career with the federal government.  
    Leticia Mendoza lmendoza<at>ywcawatsonville.org
    Executive Director, YWCA of Watsonville
    Oakes, BA, Economics, 1984  
    Columbia University, MA, Public Administration, 1987
    Columbia University, MA, Philosophy, 2001
    Columbia University, PhD, Urban Planning, ABD
    After graduation (Dec 1984) I went to Mexico for 5 months to spend time with family and applied to graduate school. I was always interested in public policy and decided to attend a program in Public Administration. My economics background allowed me to focus on the areas of economic development and tax policy. My first job after graduate school was with the Office of Management and Budget NYC. My academic background has given me the skills and flexibility to work in the public sector, academia and currently for a non-profit organization.

    Teaching/Administration Higher Education

    Kia Vue kvue3<at>ucmerced.edu
    Assistant Director, UC Merced-Admissions
    Kresge, BA, Sociology, 2009 
    CSU Sacramento, MA, Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies
    After graduating from UCSC I was fortunate to obtain a teaching internship with Breakthrough Sacramento. After the summer, I joined the UC Merced Admissions team as the Transfer Preparation Coordinator, which greatly leaned on my experience as a student coordinator with ISHE and other outreach programs. This January I became the Assistant Director of Admissions at UC Merced. 
    Tracy Garcia tlgarcia87<at>gmail.com     
    Operations Coordinator, UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center
    Merrill, BA, Anthropology, 2012
    Tracy's LinkedIn
    (Not attending, can be contacted via email)
    Richard F Vasquez richardfvasquez<at>yahoo.com
    Oakes, MA, Certificate, Sociology, Education, 1973
    I began working for UCSB in 1975 and transferred to UCSC-EOP in 1978. As a UC employee I was given the opportunity to develop my professional skills and at the same time to challenge myself by taking on new programs or UCSC initiatives. I enjoyed my professional experience at UC and have many friends/colleagues on all UC campuses. Although I am retired I continue to volunteer at UCSC.
    Nancy Kim nikim<at>ucsc.edu
    Director & Associate Managing Director, UCSC AA/PIRC & Resource Centers
    Merrill, BA, American Studies, 1990  
    UCLA, MA, Asian American Studies, 1999
    After graduating from UCSC, Nancy worked at the Asian American Resource Center at Pomona College and then returned to school to receive her MA degree in Asian American Studies from UCLA. Her research focused on Asian American feminist pedagogy. Nancy worked as a faculty lecturer for a brief time, and taught courses on Asian American Women, as well as Asian American Gender and Sexuality, at various Southern California higher education institutions. Currently, she is the Director of UCSC's Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center, and Associate Managing Director of the Resource Centers. Her advice to students: No matter what you decide to do as a career, find a way to "Be useful to your peoples." In other words, contribute your time, your talents, and/or financially, to whomever you define as your community(ies).
    Judith Estrada judi<at>ucsc.edu
    Director, Chicano Latino Resource Center, UCSC
    Oakes, BA, Latin American and Latino Studies, 2004
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PhD, Educational Policy Studies, 2012
    Judith's LinkedIn
    Alexander Lee awlee<at>ucsc.edu
    Academic Advisor, College Ten University of California, Santa Cruz
    Stevenson, BA, Psychology, 2005
    San Francisco State University, MS, Counseling, 2012
    City College of San Francisco
    After graduating from UCSC, Alex worked for five years with Cal-SOAP and TRiO college outreach programs in San Francisco to provide services assisting high school students with accessing higher education. Afterwards, he went on to earn an MS degree in Counseling with a focus in College and Career Counseling. After graduating, he worked as a Counselor Assistant with high school students applying for financial aid and as the Interim Student Services Coordinator with Upward Bound at DVC. Currently, he is the Academic Advisor at College Ten, UCSC.
    Alexander's LinkedIn
    David Alvarado alvarado2421<at>gmail.com
    Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, Brandt Electronics Inc.
    College Nine, BS, Electrical Engineer, 2009
    San Jose State University
    Still taking additional engineering courses and management courses at SJSU
    Working full time project as engineer in military program 
    Patrick Lapid patrick.lapid<at>gmail.com
    Economics Student, UCB
    College Eight, BA, Sociology, Legal Studies, 2001
    San Francisco State University, MA, Economics, 2011
    University of California, Berkeley, PhD, Economics, 2016
    Patrick is a 3rd-year PhD student in Economics at UC Berkeley, with research interests in the fields of labor economics and public finance. Patrick is originally from Vallejo, CA; prior to pursuing his doctorate at Berkeley, Patrick completed his master's degree in economics at San Francisco State. He also has previous work experience as a high school mathematics teacher in San Francisco, as well as a Marine veteran with a tour in Iraq in 2008. Patrick's current research interests include college access and completion, particularly among low-income and first-generation college students, as well as the educational and labor market outcomes of veterans in the civilian workforce. 
    Patrick's LinkedIn
    Diana Lopez dianadlopez<at>gmail.com
    Director of Dean's Planning and Administration, Stanford Graduate School of Education
    Porter, BA, Sociology, Education(Minor), 2006
    Stanford University, MA, Education - Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies (POLS), Emphasis in Higher Education, 2008
    After graduation, I worked in the UCSC Office of the Registrar as a Student Records Advisor. A year later, I went on to attend graduate school at Stanford. I have held several positions at the Stanford GSE since 2008 including student services, program administration and dean's office administration.
    Diana's LinkedIn
    (Unable to attend Career or Topical Breakout Sessions, however will be there for Community Session!)

    Teaching/Administration K-12

    Xochitlquetzal Davila       
    Consultant, Self-Employed  
    Merrill, BA, Community Studies, 2011     
    Diablo Valley College, AA, 2006        
    Rebecca Garcia garciabecca<at>aol.com 
    Retired, Education Administration  
    Oakes, BA, Politics, Education, 1982          
    CSU San José, MA, Education Administration       
    Graduate of Cabrillo Community College and transferred to UCSC. Received B.A. and Teaching credential from UCSC and Masters and Administrative Credential from SJSU. Taught for eight years in PVUSD. Was Vice Principal of Watsonville High School and Principal of Rolling Hills Middle School. Also, worked for Santa Cruz COE and Santa Clara COE. There is a lot of politics in education and the need to be astute. For twenty years served as an elected Trustee for Cabrillo College Governing Board. Currently tutor Cabrillo AB 540 students in their scholarship applications and Dream Act application. Addressing social justice is a must in any career chosen.
    (Not attending, can be contacted via email)
    Victoria Tarumoto-Wallace   vtarumoto<at>stliz-hs.org
    Assistant Principal Oakland Diocese
    Oakes BA, MA, Psychology, Education, Teaching Credential, 2004
    San Jose State, MA, Counselor Education, 2009
    San Jose State, MA, Educational Leadership, 2013
    It is not who you know, but who knows you that makes the difference. Due to my background in psychology I was able to become both a teacher and a counselor. These two fields have served me well as an administrator. Education is changing constantly. My experiences as a student organizer at UCSC helped me to prepare for that kind of environment, particularly around student policy and advocacy.
    Rachel Hagan rachel.hagan<at>sjcc.edu
    Counselor/Independent College Consultant, San Jose City College/Self-Employed
    Stevenson, BA, Psychology, 1994
    UC Santa Barbara
    Sonoma State University, MA, Counseling - Pupil Personnel Services Credential, 2005
    UC Irvine, Independent Educational Consultant Certificate, 2013
    I have always been passionate about education and my strong interest in Psychology, made school counseling a perfect fit. However, it was positions in insurance, engineering and law that helped me find my calling. While working in other positions, I remained committed to helping others through volunteer work and knew that I wanted to help others in some capacity. Remaining a lifelong student has opened many doors and fuels my own passion for education. Currently I have a full-time position at a community college and have started my own business working with high school students, college students and post-grad adults find the right major, careers, and schools to help them achieve their dream. 
    Rachel's LinkedIn 
    Sylvia Mendez sylvia_mendez@pvusd.net
    Principal, Elementary School in Pajaro Valley Unified School District
    Merrill, BA, English Literature, Spanish Literature, 1979
    San Jose State University, MA & Administrative Credential, Educational Leadership
    I have worked in the PVUSD for 35 years, first as a classroom teacher, then as a site and District level administrator. Had the wonderful opportunity of teaching in the kindergarten classroom that I attended as an English Learner.Had the opportunity to work for the UCSC education department for 2 years as a Supervisor of Teacher Education. Each of my mentors had encouraged me to take risks and try new endeavors in my career.   


    Ben Cruz bencruz<at>gmail.com
    Localization Specialist, Google Apex Systems
    Porter, BA, Film & Digital Media, 2012
    Cabrillo College
    After working at a small production company in Santa Cruz for 5 years, I moved to Oakland for bigger opportunities. I studied computer science at a community college, completed online programming courses, and refreshed my professional skills to ultimately land a job at Google.
    Ben's LinkedIn                     
    Anselmo Ontiveros
    Sr. Patent Engineer, RPX Corp
    Merrill, BS, Computer Engineering, 2003  
    UCSC, MA, Electrical Engineering, 2006
    I am currently responsible for assessing and analyzing patent acquisitions relevant to RPX networking and storage members. Prior to RPX, I worked as a Senior Engineer at Lockheed Martin for over six years on projects that included prototyping network technologies for a satellite based communication network, developing a web-based auditing system, and managing the network and software infrastructure for a satellite telemetry facility. I also have previous experience working on nanowire transistor development and fabrication at NASA Ames.              
    Arturo Cisneros artjcis<at>gmail.com
    Product Engineer, Linear Technology
    Crown, BS, Electrical Engineering, 2006  
    SJSU, MA, Electrical Engineering, 2009
    After UCSC I interned at Linear Technology and started graduate school. I have been at Linear Technology for 6 years working in new IC development and yield enhancement.
    While at UCSC I was thankful for having the opportunity to participate in multiple internships through ACCESS, UCLEADS and CfAO. I was exposed to many different fields and got first hand experience conducting research and presenting at various conferences like SACNAS.
    I would advice current students to try to engage their professors and theirs peers. College is one of the few places where you can easily meet and engage some of the top experts and minds in their respective fields. Don't fear the unknown, be inquisitive, and passionately curious. 
    Arturo's LinkedIn
    Sarah Ross sross0988<at>gmail.com
    Software Engineer, SugarCRM
    Crown, BS, Computer Science, 2012
    Since graduating from UCSC two years ago I have presented at the Grace Hopper conference and maintained my presence within SWE to work with other companies for the benefit of women in tech. I have worked my way up at SugarCRM in Cupertino such that the upper level management know who I am and I spend my evenings working on side programming projects which triple pay my student loans. My best advice is to work hard towards your dreams every day and try not turn down great opportunities without good reason.
    Teddy Demilew thewodros<at>gmail.com
    Sr. iOS App Developer, Xora, Inc.
    Oakes, BS, BA, Computer Engineering, Economics, 2006
    San Jose State, MS, Computer Engineering, 2010
    UC Berkeley, Certificate in Cloud Computing
    At UCSC, I double majored in Computer Engineering (with focuses in Embedded Software and Firmware Designs) and Economics. After graduated in 2006, I worked as a software engineer for a little longer that a year. While I was at this job, in 2007, I joined San Jose State to do my masters in Computer Engineering. Later, unfortunately, I was laid off from the job; but fortunately I was able to focus more on school and learned great life and career experiences that lead me to where I am today. In 2010, I finished the masters program and joined Wohler Technologies Inc. as a software engineer. At Wohler, I was given a great opportunity to work on an iOS (iPhone/iPad) app development project. Since then, I have focused on iOS app development and have worked for two more companies. Currently, I am a senior iOS app developer at Xora Inc. And during my spare time, I work with friends developing a couple of apps.