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Career Sessions

The following career/industry panels will have alumni sharing their experience:

Arts & Media

Health and Science

Teaching/Admin Higher Ed

Teaching/Admin K-12

Business & Management





Topical Sessions

•     Turning Your Passion into a Career (we may break this one out into two rooms)

Choose a career you’re passionate about, something that fits your values and that you enjoy. In today’s constantly changing job market, alumni will share how they focused on their interest and their passion into a rewarding career.

•     I’m Done! Now What?

This roundtable discussion is for recent graduates or alumni who are going back home, in between jobs, changing careers, applying to graduate/professional programs or simply exploring possibilities. Share stories, hear advice, and gain support from Banana Slugs going through similar experiences.

•     Networking and Making the Most of Your Opportunities

Learn how to make the most of your skills and opportunities. Panelists will provide tips and recommendations about what makes a resume stand out, key questions to ask in an interview, how to sell your previous academic and career experiences to make the most of your connections and opportunities. Whether business is booming or times are lean, networking lead to increased employment and business development opportunities. Find out how alumni have used their networking skills in their professional careers.

•     Working in a Big City

Understanding the community you work in is a first step in knowing how to be effective in your position. Big cities can offer a lot, but can also be competitive markets. Learn how to be successful in obtaining a position and making an impact.

•     How to be Effective in a Mid-Size City

Learn how you can be a part of the boom when you go back home! Sometimes the cities you generally don’t think of are the ones that are growing and employment is on the rise. Mid-sized cities can offer a thriving business environment, as well as the demographic and lifestyle amenities of big cities.

•     Negotiating Small Towns and Rural Communities

Moving to a big city after graduation is the popular path of many college graduates. However, if you are thinking of going back home to a smaller community, realize that small towns can afford professional opportunities not always available in a more competitive market. Learn about how to quickly establish positive relationships in small towns, or rural communities, with long standing leaders.

•     Dreamers

Dreams of college, career and citizenship is a reality for many UCSC Alumni.  Roundtable discussion on the newest opportunities available to those who benefit from the CA Dream Act (AB 130/131), AB 540, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  


Community Break Out Sessions

Resource Center Directors will host a discussion of career and work place related issues affecting their respective communities.  Allies welcome.  


African American Resource and Cultural Center

American Indian Resource Center

Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

Cantu Queer Center

El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

Women's Center