Prepare to Search and Apply

Finding the job you want has to be a planned, systematic effort. It requires a developed and refined self-knowledge, research skills, organization, persistence, and persuasion. Your career depends on having good qualifications and on how well you market them.

If you want assistance with preparing for the job market or have specific questions contact an adviser via email or phone.

Strategies to begin
Job Searching

Advice and videos on where to
start finding jobs, what to
consider when you begin and how
to research career paths
and companies.

Resumes, Cover Letters,
& References

Samples, tips, and advice for
resumes, cover letters, references,
and letters of recommendation. Meet
with an adviser or peer adviser for
in person help and critiques.

Interview Prep

Read about the do's and don'ts of
interviewing. Learn what to expect,
wear, and how to proceed. 


Attend an informative and educational
workshop designed to prepare you
for employment. 

*Explore different job titles broken down by subject and specific career areas