Career Assessments at UCSC

Unsure of a career or major? The UCSC Career Center offers 3 career assessments and/or a workbook that can help you gain clarity on these issues. These assessments can be taken individually or together.

Meet with a Career Adviser to discuss the ones that fit your needs, the process for taking and receiving assessment feedback:

1.Focus on-line assessment tool (free)

  • Available to UCSC students, alumni, faculty and staff.

2. Career Development Plan and Workbook (free)
Take the exercises that will assess your interests, values, and create your criteria list for career paths that may interest you. Download a copy of the Workbook (Career Development Plan and Workbook), then schedule a meeting with a Career Adviser to discuss your results.

3. Strong Interest Inventory – 30 - 35 min. online assessment ($15 cost)
Identifies your areas of interests, occupations and majors (if applicable) that you may be interested in pursuing. First meet with a Career Adviser for the web site address and password for access.

4. Myers Briggs Type Indicator - 30 - 35 min. online assessment ($15 cost)
A personality preference assessment based on psychoanalyst Carl Jung's theories. The results help you better understand yourself and the career possibilities you may find satisfying. First meet with a Career Adviser to get the web site address and password to access it.