Common Interview Mistakes

  1. Poor Handshake: Limp hand gives the impression of weakness of distinterest. Too strong is like an aggressive salesperson.
  2. Talking too much: Talking too long gives the impression you can’t get to the point. Nervous talkers give the impression the candidate is covering up something.
  3. Talking negatively about current or past employers/managers: Always try to say something positive.
  4. Showing up too late or early: Arrive about 10 minutes early.
  5. Treating the receptionist rudely: Often the receptionist is asked her/his opinion of applicants.
  6. Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary: Wait until you’ve been made the offer to discuss these issues.
  7. Not preparing for the interview: Always research the company or organization prior to the interview.
  8. Verbal ticks: Practice in advance to reduce or eliminate the “umms,” “like” and “you knows.”
  9. Not enough or too much eye contact: Avoiding eye contact makes you seem shifty or untruthful. Too much eye contact can wear out the interviewer.
  10. Failure to match communication styles: If the interviewer seems all business, be succinct and businesslike. If the interviewer is personable, you can be more informal.