30th Annual Multicultural Career Conference

Celebrating the Past, Transforming the Future

Multicultural Career Conference

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Porter Dining Hall

Student and Alumni Registration is now on day of event at Porter Dining.
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Keynote Speaker

Jacob Martinez (Oakes 2004)
Founder & Executive Director of Digital NEST

Jacob MartinezBefore establishing the Digital NEST in 2014, Jacob Martinez spent ten years leading innovative computer-based programs in Pajaro Valley schools and beyond, with a particular focus on encouraging Latina girls to enter high-tech fields. He is a frequent speaker at technology and educational conferences and symposia and has been honored by business, community, and educational institutions for his innovation and leadership. He spoke in 2015 at the first White House Tech Meetup and was named by Tech Crunch as one of 2014’s Top 10 Men in the Country Supporting Women in Technology. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a Masters degree in Instructional Science and Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay. Jacob recently received a recommendation letter from former United States Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. He continues to seek opportunities to build on the broad coalition of supporters that have made Digital NEST a reality.

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    Alumni Attending 2017

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    Dora Beyer - Hollister - As a first-generation college student, Ms. Beyer also enjoyed interning at Pajaro Valley High School during her time at UCSC. That experience began a passion for supporting youth to achieve higher education, which she has done through the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), the Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP), and currently at Breakthrough Silicon Valley. As a student, internships and informational interviews are an effective way of finding both what you do and do not enjoy while selecting a career path to pursue.
    UCSC Merrill '08, Latin American & Latino Studies and Politics, Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas
    High School Program Coordinator, Breakthrough Silicon Valley
    dbeyer "at" breakthroughsv.org
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Turning Your Passion into a Career, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Josefa Bustos PelayoHanford - After I finished my BA in Santa Cruz I began my teaching career. So much of the education I received in Santa Cruz layed a solid foundation for the educator I am today; from reading multicultural literature, to great thinkers like Paolo Freire and Gloria Anzaldua. In my 17 years of teaching I have learned that networking with professionals in my field is vital to career development. This and a few other things is what I wish I would have taken advantage of while in Santa Cruz. I would be more than happy to share career advice I have learned along the way.
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '98, Spanish Literature and Minor in Education

    California State University Fresno, Master in Multiculrural Multilingual Education 2015.
    Bilingual Educator, Adjunct Pofessor , Hanford Elementary School District, California State University Fresno.
    josiebustos3 "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, Turning Your Passion into a Career, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Andrew Borja - Daly City - Andrew works as an Intellectual Property Engineer at Power Integrations and is a registered US Patent Agent. My work involves working with engineers and attorneys to protect the intellectual property of Power Integrations.
    UCSC Oakes '11, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Minor
    Intellectual Property Engineer/US Patent Agent, Power Integrations
    andrew.borja "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Marni Fantyn Borgonia - San Jose - I graduated from Kresge College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. The appeal of the college was their motto: Power and Representation. After seven years of dealing with a mental health diagnosis I'm returning to UCSC to represent as an alumni who've gone through the mental health system and come on top to encourage those who may be in the same population stigmatized by a mental health disability. Hi. My name is Marni and I work for Intercontinental Hotel Group, a global company with 11 hotel brands.
    UCSC Kresge '10, Literature and Art, AAPIRC, E^2, Motivation Conference, CUSN, Kresge Pride, APISA
    West Valley College

    Front Desk Agent, Intercontinental Hotel Group
    borgonia.fm "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Business and Management, I’m Done! Now What?, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Cantu Queer Center

    Manuel Burciaga - Anaheim - After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2015, Manuel worked as a Bilingual Para Educator for the Magnolia School District in Anaheim, CA. Manuel's experiences as an undergraduate inspired him to continue his education and applied to the Masters in Public Policy at CalPoly San Luis Obispo. Currently, Manuel works for The Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) and as a Graduate Assistant for the CalPoly Political science department.
    UCSC Oakes '15, Latin American and Latino Studies & Politics, The Lionel Cantu Queer Center, EL Centro, UCSC Ayotzinapa Collective
    Graduate Assistant/Tutor/Student, Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo/CalPoly

    California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, MA Public Policy 2018
    burcm008manee "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, I’m Done! Now What?, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Martín Calderón -
    UCSC Merrill '16, LALS and Spanish Studies, Hermanos Unidos de UCSC
    Substitute Teacher - Anaheim Union High School District & Garden Grove Unified School District
    mr.martin.calderon "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, I’m Done! Now What?, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Jesus Diaz Bonilla - Cloverdale - As a transfer atudent, I began to attend events put together at STARS. Through them I learned about El Centro and the Academic Excellence Program (ACE). These resources helped to keep me motivated and grounded, specially while working on my undergraduate degree. I continued to work with ACE when I graduated in 2006, which prepared me to pursue a teaching credential. El Centro was always a safe space that made my UCSC experience memorable.
    UCSC Oaks '06, Mathematics, El Centro, CAU, ACE, STARS and Cal Teach
    Mt. San Antonio College, Mt. San Antonio College, Associates Degree in Liberal Studies 2003, UC Santa Cruz, Masters in Education 2012.
    Mathematics Teacher, Healdsburg Junior High School
    Diazjesus.slug "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, I’m Done! Now What?, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Xoxhitlquetzal Davila - Oakland -
    UCSC Merrill '11, Community Studies, S.I.N, Cantu, El Centro
    Consultant, Self-Employed
    mochipa.ce "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Thomasina Clark - Oakland -
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '15, Psychology
    Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist , United States Dept. of Veterans Affairs
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Turning Your Passion into a Career, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Darlene Cooper - Oakland - I graduated from UC Santa Cruz - Community Studies Major - Health Care Inequalities (2006 - 2011). What I liked about school was that I got to meet new people, build relationships with instructors and have access to resources to support me in achieving my degree. What I found to be challenging was my lack of working to get ahead due to having so much freedom which is different now and I am hoping that it doesn’t creep up on me. Professional Background Once I moved to Santa Cruz I had worked in the dining halls to make extra money and get free meals. After going on Independent study in West Oakland to learn about the Social Determinants of health, I became the Resident Engagement Intern at People’s Grocery. I was so excited about nonprofit work and what we got exposed to, I went to an event where there were different organizations tabling and AmeriCorps was one of them. Shortly after the application process and 5 interviews I became a Public Ally of Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Apprentice. I stayed with them for two years and it lead me to an organization that I’ve known of for a few years through People’s Grocery. Now I am the Communication’s Assistant of our Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative and the Youth Program Assistant at our newest development called Lion Creek Crossings for East bay Asian Local development Corporation (EBALDC). What I like about my jobs is that I got exposed to so many different skills and what folks learn within 3 years or so I gained within one and it has been consistent with all my jobs. I am hoping to obtain a position where I am working with community to change the access they have to a healthier lifestyle and expose the Social Determinants of Health and make it viral and known in the Oakland community. Personal Interest In my spare time I love to watch Netflix, practice hip-hop dance moves, spend time with my partner, hanging out with friends, dancing at clubs, participate in social justice events especially free ones, listen to music and find the latest songs, and reorganizing my room from time to time. I love cartoon movies, horror/ suspense, thrillers, some romantic comedies. The books I may enjoy from time to time because I am not a fan of reading is books about the misconceptions of hip-hop, health related works of breaking down the mentality around it, and stories around the misconceptions of Black/ African American folks in the culture we are forced to live in. The places I have visited in my life are Los Angeles to go to Disneyland, Magic Mountain,Yosemite, San Diego Zoo, Oakland Space center, Lexington, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana (pre and post Hurricane Katrina), Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada and a million dollar ranch past San Francisco. I am the oldest of my siblings, so my family is very young. I have three brothers and one sister. My mom and dad were never married to each other. Till this day my mom is married to my 2 year old brother’s father and my dad is still single. We all grew up in the East Bay and then most of my family moved out to the Central Valley of California called Newman, Chowchilla and Fresno. I am the first of my family to go and graduate from college and now the first to work on my Master’s. I am obtaining this degree for financial purposes and because I love to do community organizing and support change. I pursue this degree because I want to survive and live healthily in order to continue my work. Erica Booth (GCU counselor), supported me in the process of getting into my MPH and understanding Grand Canyon’s purpose, convinced me that this was the time for me to obtain my degree because of my goals I want to achieve in the next 4 years. The social justice side in me desires to have a voice in the healthcare system. I am glad to becoming to an end of my MPH Degree experience to start a huge movement in the LGBTQ community in Healthcare and gain more exposure of our struggles in the healthcare system and gain the resources to close the gap in healthcare.
    UCSC Kresge '11, Community Studies - Healthcare Inequalities,
    Grand Canyon University, Masters in Public Health (In Progress)
    Credentialing Operations Associate, Affinity Medical Solutions - A Division of University Healthcare Alliance
    darlenevcooper "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Health/Science, I’m Done! Now What?, African American Resource and Cultural Center

    Valerie Fong - Oakland - After graduating with her B.A. in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz, Valerie signed on with Volunteers in Asia to teach English as a Foreign Language in the Republic of Taiwan. After returning to the U.S., she worked in the management consulting industry as a marketing and research manager, researching industry trends, managing marketing campaigns, and serving as editor and proofreader for corporate communications. All of those experiences led Valerie to an important realization about the power of strong reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills. She was inspired to help others achieve this potential, so she returned to school for her M.A. in English from Cal State East Bay and a Certificate to Teach English Composition from San Francisco State University. In 2005 she joined Foothill College, where she enjoys working with a diverse population of students as they pursue their educational and professional goals. Valerie is especially interested in reading and writing as acts of observing; she believes that the best way to learn (and teach) is to be active; and she is convinced that one of the most important skills for any reader, writer, and critical thinker is the human skill of empathy.
    UCSC Oakes '92, American Studies
    Cal State East Bay, San Francisco State, MA English, Certificate to Teach Composition
    English Instructor, Foothill College
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher Education, Turning Your Passion into a Career, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Alyssa Gamboa - Oakland - Alyssa studied sociology at UCSC with the plan of teaching elementary school. Volunteering with Pescadero Elementary School, through UCSC's Classroom Connections course, reopened Alyssa's eyes to a problem she'd experienced during her own time in grade school: a huge need for more individualized attention for all students. This inspired a shift in Alyssa's career plan: from classroom teacher to school guidance counselor. Though working with third and fourth graders at Pescadero Elementary was heart-warming and a ton of fun, Alyssa wants to work at the high school level and assist with both students' needs at school and plans for post-graduation. Alyssa currently works in Human Resources at Fastly, a San Francisco-based technology startup, which provides useful insight into the way that companies work and serves as research to better advise students in the future. In the coming year, Alyssa plans to begin pursuing a Masters degree in Social Psychology as well as counseling credentials, to begin her career as a high school guidance counselor. When she's not working and planning her future, Alyssa enjoys playing tennis, being in nature, spending time with her cat, and going on motorcycle adventures with her partner, Jon.
    UCSC College Nine '14, Sociology
    HR Coordinator, Fastly, Inc
    alyssa "at" fastly.com
    MCC Sessions:  Business and Management, I’m Done! Now What?, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Cantu Queer Center

    Juan Garayar - Paso RoblesAfter Graduating in 2009, I kept in contact with one of my mentors in the medical field and was able to shadow him at his practice. I kept volunteering at a hospital and taking every opportunity I had connecting with others in the medical field. I decided to pursue a career in Surgical Technology after several unsuccessful job applications. My focus was to get into the medical field as soon as possible to get exposure. After six years in the operating room I still love what I do and I am currently pursuing a nursing career.
    UCSC Merrill '09, Health Sciences, CAU, Sabrosura, Hermanos/Brothers

    Surgical TechnologistHCA
    jgarayar10 "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: 

    Hector Gonzalez - Berkeley -
    UCSC College Nine '08, Business, Management and Economics
    UC Berkeley 2014
    Manager, Expert Research Associates
    MCC Sessions:

    John Gutierrez - Los Angeles - Retired Social Worker/Case Manager, Feb. 2006. Volunteer and advocate for adults with special needs.
    UCSC Porter '73, Community Studies
    USC School of Social Work, MSW, 1975
    Retired, Volunteer w/Community Outreach & NonProfit Special Needs Population

    MCC Sessions:

    Jasmine Gutierrez - Orange - I would have taken advantage of the resource center to help with interviewing skills and resume building. In addition, I could not have done anything without a support from both of my department advisors.
    UCSC Stevenson '16, Legal Studies and Sociology, Smith
    Account Cordinator, Zenefits
    Jgutierrez "at" zenefits.com
    MCC Sessions:  Technology, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One., El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Armando Hernandez - San Jose - I transferred to UC Santa Cruz from Ventura College in 2002. While at UCSC, I was heavily involved with ACE and was a MARC fellow with the UCSC STEM Diversity Program. I was also casually involved with El Centro and SACNAS. My time at UCSC was enriched by the friendships that I have made and the encouragement that I have received from faculty and staff. I was so encouraged by them after I graduated in 2005 that I applied to the Chemistry Ph.D. program at Stanford and got in. After graduating in 2012, I became a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago. Coming back to California, I was honored by the MARC graduating class when I was asked to be their Keynote Speaker at the 2015 UCSC STEM Diversity graduation ceremony. Today, I work as Senior Scientist and Group Leader for for a lab company in the Bay Area where I lead a small team of scientists, engineers and technicians. My advice to today's UCSC's undergraduates is to find what you are good at and nurture those talents, then acknowledge what you are not good at and focus even harder on making the most of those limitations. Once you've gone through this hard and painful journey and come out the other side, I can assure you that you will not see the world the same way again.
    UCSC Crown '05, Chemistry and Biochemistry, MARC (STEM Diversity), ACE, El Centro, SACNAS
    Ventura College, Stanford University, University of Chicago, Ph.D. Chemistry (2012), Stanford University
    Senior Scientist / Group Leader, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS

    armando.ricardo.hernandez "at" gmail.com
    MCC SessionsBusiness and ManagementWant a Job? Here is How to Find One, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Stephanie Carillo Higlesia - Fresno - I am a recent graduate and found my passion in education and event planning. I became a Certified Wedding Planner my last quarter at UCSC and hope to build up my own company in event planning and graphic design. I am currently applying to graduate school to attain my teaching credentials to teach high school science. By having been so involved throughout my undergraduate career (multiple jobs at one time, sorority, committees, dance troupe), I have been able to hold different positions and involve myself in education while earning money to put towards attaining my credentials. Involving myself so much also aided me in finding my passions and what I would like to do in life. I say that you should never be afraid to go out and fight for what you want, no matter how crazy it sounds or how hard it may seem. I'm aspiring to be a graphic designing teacher/lacrosse coach certified in wedding planning, what about you?
    UCSC Cowell '16, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.; Multicultural Festival Committee; Inter-Greek Council; Sabrosura Latin Dance Troupe
    Teaching Assistant, Coach, California Teaching Fellows Foundation
    stephaniehcarrillo "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, To Be or Not to Be a Graduate Student, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Dave Hana - Fremont - Keep your mind open to any and every opportunity available to you; in addition, don't shy away from learning something new. In fact, always keep learning something new even if it's not your thing. I focused heavily on my major and Accounting during my time at UCSC, and after several call backs and scheduled interviews with the "big 4" during that time, my career took a completely different path based on my appreciation of the core relationships that really drive how a business can support all facets of the community. I started a career in Management and Operations with a fortune 500 company following graduation from my undergrad program in 2010. I never thought my career would transition into managing a smaller independent and locally based real estate company as well as taking on challenging roles in content and social marketing, client relations management and overall business development. If it wasn't my involvement in internships, employment and community groups during my time at UCSC that truly enhanced my ability to network and manage on a person to person level, I would not be where I am today. Remain coachable, flexible, and once again - always keep learning.
    UCSC Stevenson '10, Business Management Economics and Accounting, ISO, UEA, Stevenson Planning Committee
    Executive Adminstrative Assistant, Pinnacle Real Estate
    hana.fahmed "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions:

    Christine Herrera - Phoenix -My Father immigrated to the U.S. with his Father from Guatemala to California when he was sixteen and my Mother was Slavic descent. I was born and raised in Los Gatos, CA. I attended UCSC College Eight in the early 90's and this started my survey of a diverse and fascinating career in Psychology. I volunteered my time at Harvey West Mental Health Center for a year before I was able to earn an income. I returned to school to earn a Psychiatric Technician's license and entered into the forensic nursing field at Atascadero State Hospital which is a maximum security forensic institution for the mentally ill. I re-located to Arizona and started working for the Mental Health Court in Maricopa County. I returned to school and earned two Master's degrees and now work for Corizon Health in the State Prison serving the most undeserved population in the state providing individual and group counseling to incarcerated mentally ill adults.
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '94, Psychology
    Mission College and Argosy Univeristy, Argosy University, MA in Forensic Psychology 2010 and MA in Mental Health Counseling 2013
    Forensic Therapist, Corizon Health Services
    Christine_Herrera71 "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Jordan Hozwell - Oakland - Hi everyone, my name is Jordan and I am a recent graduate of the class of 2016. Since leaving UCSC, I've had the opportunity to be a Restorative Justice Coordinator at two elementary schools helping students, staff, and faculty adopt restorative practices as an alternative to traditional punitive measures. Some advice I would give UCSC students as they begin to explore career options is to reach out! If you discover an organization or company that you are interested in, shoot them an email; let them know that you're interested in what they do, ask if you can shadow an employee or intern over a break. Make intentional relationships and show genuine interest with these folks and you will surprised at the opportunities that can come your way. In addition, take advantage of all of the resources we have on campus! Centers like the ERCs and Career Center are obviously great, but also check out classes, seminars, and campus events that can bolster your area of study or interest. Two Kresge seminars that met once a week for one quarter were what satisfied some of the most crucial qualifications for the job I have today.
    UCSC Stevenson '16, Sociology, EOP, AARCC, MESH (Mixed Ethnicities Student Headquarters)
    Restorative Justice Coordinator - SEEDS Community Resolution Center
    jordan "at" seedscrc.org
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, African American

    Geoff Huang - San Francisco -
    UCSC Cowell '00, Computer Engineering and Literature
    UC Berkeley/Haas School of Business, MBA 2011
    Vice President, Product Marketing, RingCentral
    MCC Sessions:

    Donell Johnson - Hayward -
    UCSC Porter '07, MCD Biology, A/BSA, Student Union, E2, Umoja, DHE, AATAT, and Rainbow Theater
    Sr Process Development Associate 2, Impossible Foods
    MCC Sessions: Health/Science, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, African American Resource and Cultural Center

    Michael Jurković - Modesto -
    UCSC Merrill '08, History and Language Studies
    CSU Stanislaus
    High School Spanish Teacher, Stockton Unified School District
    mzjurkovic "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Nancy Kim - Santa Cruz - (she/her/hers pronoun) is 1.9 generation Korean American who grew up on Los Angeles county. She received her B.A. degree in American Studies from UCSC, and M.A. degree in Asian American Studies from UCLA. Nancy has worked in student services for 20 years, and also taught courses in Asian American Studies.
    UCSC Merrill '94 , American Studies, APISA, TWANAS, TWANAC, KASA, EOP
    UCLA, Asian American Studies, M.A., 1999

    Managing Director, Resource Centers - UC Santa Cruz
    nikim "at" ucsc.edu

    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher Education, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Tyler Lang - San Jose -
    UCSC Crown '09, Economics, Toastmasters
    Account manager, Uline

    MCC Sessions:

    Patrick Lapid - Albany - Patrick is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Patrick is a labor and public economist focusing on research and policy questions in higher education. His current research looks at non-tuition cost constraints on college access, using the creation of new universities in California to determine if local high school graduates are more likely to enroll in college; and his work in progress evaluates the effects of a fall-semester learning community program for spring-admitted U.C. Berkeley students on college outcomes such as graduation, retention, and major choice. Prior to attending Berkeley, Patrick taught mathematics and economics at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, CA, while also serving in the Marine Corps Reserve with a deployment to Iraq in 2008. He also participated in the American Economic Association’s Summer Training Program at U.C. Santa Barbara in 2010.
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '01, Sociology and Minor in Engineering, Legal Studies, EOP, ACE, AA/PIRC, Filipino Student Association, Lambda Phi Epsilon
    San Francisco State University, M.A. Economics, 2011; UC Berkeley, Ph.D. Economics, 2017
    Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

    patrick.lapid "at" econ.berkeley.edu
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher EducationTo Be or Not to Be a Graduate Student, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    David Lawrence - San Leandro -
    UCSC Crown '94, World Literature and Cultural Studies, African Black Student Alliance, TWANAS, Students of Mixed Heritage
    University of Arizona, Graduate Certificate Digital Information Management, 2014
    Image Library Archivist, Cella Consulting
    dclawrence "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Technology, I’m Done! Now What?, African American Resource and Cultural Center

    Scotty Lewis - Lancaster - My name is Scotty Lewis, and I am a proud graduate of UCSC and an Oaaaaaakes! affiliate. I began my academic career at UCSC lost, and not understanding what it meant to be a person of color in a predominately white institution. Surrounding myself with people who are my mindset, who look like me, and who had a genuine interest in my growth as an individual was a tremendous help during my time at Santa Cruz. Spaces such as ABSA, Rainbow Theater, and the Oakes community empowered me to believe I could accomplish the goals I set for myself. If I had the opportunity to go back, I would have taken advantage of resources during my first year that would have given me a head start into my majors, and been more proactive about approaching my professors or TA's for help and guidance. My career advice for the upcoming graduating class is to take a moment when you walk across the stage and breathe-- Allow yourself, even if just for a second, to reflect on the journey you have been on, and remember to approach your dreams with diligence and persistence-- For this is the only way to make them reality.
    UCSC Oakes '15, Politics, Legal Studies, Psychology, AARCC
    Sales Operations/Business Development, Mattermark
    scottyslewis "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions:  Technology, Be Your Own Boss! Entrepreneurial Launch: Learn the Keys to Success, African American Resource and Cultural Center

    James Lin - Oakland -
    UCSC College Ten '15, TIM & CMPS
    Support Engineer, Xantrion
    MCC Sessions: 

    Micheal Luo - Hayward -
    College Ten '10, Business Management Economics, APISA
    Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Marlon Marcelo - San Jose - I graduate at UCSC as MCD Biology BS major. I became interested in the CLS program from San Jose State University. I enrolled in San Jose State University to do the perquisites for the CLS program. I applied to the graduate program for the CLS program and was accepted in the Fall 2005. I did my internship in Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. I was able to intern there for 1 year, and was able to rotate to all the rotation in Clinical Laboratory. Once I completed the program, I found a job at biotech company called Genomic Health Inc. I've work there for 10 year, doing genetic testing for various cancers. I am currently the Education Coordinator in charge of the training for the Clinical Laboratory.
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '04, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental,
    San Jose State University, Clinical Laboratory Scientist Certificate
    Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Genomic Health Inc.
    mmlon408 "at" yahoo.com


    MCC Sessions: Health/Science, Turning Your Passion into a Career, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Cantu Queer Center

    Adolfo Mercado - Sacramento - Everyday is a culmination of past experiences and consistently striving to perform your best is the best advice I can offer. Compound this with integrity and fidelity to yourself and doors will open. I love my current job and never imagined myself in this position. After graduating from UCSC, I taught high school English in Japan via the JET Programme. When the desire to serve my home community strengthened I returned home to NorCal (Sacramento) and worked with Upward Bound, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, and Breakthrough Sacramento (BSAC). BSAC is a college-prep program for students from Sacramento's most under-resourced schools. It is also offers an opportunity for talented high school and college students to teach and explore a career in education. After 12 years at BSAC, I decided to slow down and work on my own. All of my experiences have built upon each other and I draw on the many different skills acquired in the diverse jobs and environments I've worked in my current capacity. My advice to future colleagues is to follow your interests because the more you experience the stronger your resume/skills develop, especially when ambition is shared with passion.
    UCSC Kresge '98, Anthropology and LALS, MEChA, El Centro, Anthro Slugs
    Educational Consultant - Self-employed
    AdolfoRMercado "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Being Your Own Boss! Entrepreneurial Launch: Learn the Keys to Success or Turning Your Passion into a Career,Cantu Queer Center, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Jose Martinez - Watsonville -
    UCSC Oaks '14, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, ACE, SACNAS, CARe Project, ACE PHC, AMSA andIMSD
    Biology/Chemistry Learning Skills Advisor, ACE UC Santa Cruz

    jolumart "at" ucsc.edu
    MCC Sessions:

    Arlan Mendiola - San Jose - Arlan is a first generation college graduate, having earned an M.Ed. in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs from the USC Rossier School of Education as well a B.S. in Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology from UCSC. Before returning to UCSC, Arlan worked in various aspects of education including college preparatory programs, career services, academic advising, and alumni engagement. His passion to serve in higher education stems from his undergraduate involvement with the Filipino Student Association and the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center.
    UCSC Merrill '10, MCD Biology, Filipino Student Association, CUSN, AA/PIRC
    University of Southern California, M.Ed. in Postsecondary Administration & Student Affairs 2015
    Program Manger, UCSC - SOMeCA
    arlan.mendiola "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher Education, To Be or Not to Be a Graduate Student, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Joe Miller - Santa Cruz - As a student at UC Santa Cruz (ENVS 2015): I studied environmental assessment, restoration, ecology, geographic information systems, and worked closely with the Campus Natural Reserve and UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot (UCSC FERP) as both intern and field crew supervisor. My current interests lie in land use and development issues, ecology, and the facilitation of experiential learning. I am a California native with roots in the San Joaquin Valley. Previous to my education at UC Santa Cruz, I worked in foodservice, agriculture, commercial fisheries, and as a performing musician; all of which bring a unique perspective into the work that I do to lead internships and teach job preparedness and land management skills in my role as Reserve Steward.
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '15, Environmental Studies
    College of the Sequoias, Cuesta College
    Steward - UCSC Fort Ord Natural Reserve, UC Santa Cruz
    jotmille "at" ucsc.edu
    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Turning Your Passion into a Career, African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Cantu Queer Center, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Mari Ortiz-McGuire - Watsonville - I have worked in the field as a student affairs professional for over twenty years. Currently I am a part of the Student Life team at The University of California Santa Cruz- Oakes College and Rachel Carson College.
    UCSC Oakes & Rachel Carson College '93, Biology
    Assoc. College Administrative Officer, UC Santa Cruz
    mcmcguir "at" ucsc.edu
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher Education, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One,El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Rene Alejandro Ortega - Redwood City - I currently own my own practice and represent clients in land use, litigation, estate planning and immigration matters. Prior to this, I practiced for close to twelve years as an attorney at a major Northeast law firm addressing environmental, health, land use, and risk reduction issues, including compliance with water quality and air quality standards, hazardous materials transportation, hazardous waste disposal, and property remediation under state and federal Superfund laws. I have advised clients seeking approvals for environmental, health, and land use at the federal, state and local level for construction and/or operation of commercial developments, power-generating facilities and other sensitive property or facility expansions.
    UCSC Cowell '96, Anthropology and Biology, Chicano Latino Resource Center
    Yale University, Master of Public Health, 2000; Boston College Law School, Juris Doctorate, 2003
    rene "at" raoattorneyatlaw.com
    MCC Sessions: Law, Turning Your Passion into a Career, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Carlos Ortiz - Madera - I currently work in Higher Education in the Bay Area. I was able to get my current job thanks to working experience I gained while working at UCSC's Learning Support Services. I am still continuing to take courses to build the skills I already built while at UCSC. Career Advice? If possible, definitely look for internships in the area that you wish to work in.
    UCSC College Nine '15, Environmental Studies combined with Biology, EOP, Theta Chi Fraternity
    Study Abroad program at University of Copenhagen
    559.carlosortiz "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- Higher Education, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Gina Peralta - Oakland -
    UCSC Oakes '99, Sociology and Women's Studies, EAOP
    UCLA, Masters in Social Work
    Justice and Equity Consultant, W. Haywood Burns Institute
    gperalta "at" burnsinstitute.org

    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center, Turning Your Passion into a Career

    Sebastian Perez - Sherman Oaks - Work hard and work often. Intern, volunteer, network and, above all, participate! Give yourself the widest breadth of opportunities that you can fit into your day, and take advantage of all the resources at UCSC that pique your interest. Most importantly, be humble and curious--there is nothing upon which you cannot improve.
    UCSC Kresge '12, Feminist Studies and Literature
    Congressional Aide, U.S. House of Representatives
    MCC Sessions:
    Juan Carlos Ponce - Livermore -
    UCSC Stevenson '16, Human Biology, EOP
    Learning Skill Advisor, Academic excellence Program
    MCC Sessions:

    Briana Rodriguez - Los Angeles - Upon graduation in 2009, Briana was accepted into the Los Angeles Unified School District, District Intern Program, as a full time teacher. In her 4th year of teaching, she became the youngest Department Chair at Belvedere Middle School in East Los Angeles, where she also ran an after school program teaching Latin Dance to middle schoolers. Briana then accepted a position at her alma mater, Hamilton High School, where she once again became the youngest Department Chair while also taking on a fellowship with the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program through the Department of Education and directing the annual Latino Cultural show. She is currently working on the new show, is teaching dance after school, is a member on the School Site Council and is applying for graduate school. In her free time, she slays. As a student, Briana took full advantage of programs that offered career training, but wished she would have done better in her academics her first two years at UCSC by asking more questions and going to professors' office hours. Briana's career advice is to plant the seed and water it everyday until it flourishes with fruit to eat; don't just talk about your goals, make moves towards them and research, research, research.
    UCSC Kresge '09, Mathematics, concentration in Education, Centroamericanos Unidos (CAU); Sabrosura Dance Troupe; CalTeach program; Educational Partnership Center with MESA
    Teacher, Mathematics Department Chair, Los Angeles Unified School District

    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, I’m Done! Now What?, Cantu Queer Center

    Edris Rodriguez RitchieSan Francisco - After UCSC, Edris worked in Washington, D.C., as a Civil Rights Analyst with the U.S. Department of Justice from 2006 to 2009. In 2009, he moved to San Francisco, CA, to attend law school at UC Hastings. After UC Hastings, he worked as an Assistant District Attorney in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office and then as an Associate Attorney with the law firm of Villegas Carrera LLP. Currently, he works as a Field Attorney with Region 32 of the National Labor Relations Board.
    UCSC Kresge '06, Language Studies & Politics, CAU, Kresge Parliament, Student Union Assembly, Queers of Color
    U.C. Hastings (Juris Doctor)
    Field Attorney, National Labor Relations Board
    edris.rodriguezritchie "at" nlrb.gov
    MCC Sessions: Law, Want a Job? Here is How to Find One, Cantu Queer Center, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Hector RomoSanta Ana -
    UCSC Crown '11, Electrical Engineering, MEP, SHPE, HU-UCSC
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    Principle Power Electronics Engineer, Faraday Future (FF)
    hromo88 "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Ryan Ruelas - Anaheim - Ryan Anthony Ruelas was born and raised in the city of Anaheim. He attended Benito Juarez Elementary School, South Junior High School, and Katella High School, and is a proud product of the public schools of the Anaheim City School District and Anaheim Union High School District. After graduating from high school in 1999, Mr. Ruelas left Anaheim briefly and completed his BA in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He moved back to Anaheim in the summer of 2003 and enrolled in California State University, Fullerton where he received earned an MA in History. Mr. Ruelas has been teaching History at Anaheim High School these last thirteen years and throughout his tenure has taught a wide array of classes in the social sciences ranging from Psychology to Advanced Placement European History. He is apart of the Executive Board for the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association and is a California Teachers Association State Delegate, serving as the Chair for the Credentialing and Professional Development committee. In the 2015-2016 school year, Mr. Ruelas served on State Superintendent Tom Torlakson’s Accountability and Continuous Improvement Task Force and in 2016 was selected to represent the National Education Association on the U.S. Department of Education’s Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). His greatest accomplishment, however, has been the creation of BROS in 2009, a student run organization that focuses on increasing the amount of Chicano/Latino male students at the university level. Through his work as an educator and advisor to BROS, Mr. Ruelas has worked tirelessly to ensure students receive a top-notch education that is not only meaningful but also relevant to the day and age we live in. In 2012, Mr. Ruelas was named AUHSD Teacher of the Year, as well as an Orange County Teacher of the Year semi-finalist; in 2014, Mr. Ruelas received the Apple of Gold, “Excellence in Teaching” award from the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund. That same year, Mr. Ruelas was also elected to serve as Trustee to the Anaheim City School Board where he currently serves as Board President.
    UCSC Cowell '03, Politics and Psychology, EOP
    California State University, Fullerton, Master in Arts History 2009
    Educator/Trustee for Anaheim Elementary School District, Anaheim Union High School District
    ryan80ruelas "at" hotmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12I’m Done! Now What?, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Michael The - San Jose - Although I majored in Biology I found my love in education. After college I decided to do a year of service for an Americorps program called City Year, and that changed my life. I decided to do a second year as a Team Leader and now I find myself as a Program Manager for the same organization. If I could go back, I would take advantage of the Study Abroad program. The countries I have visited since graduating have provided me the perspective I need to stay humble and see the many opportunities we have been given in this country.
    UCSC Cowell '12, Biology, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Intramural Sports
    Program Manager, City Year
    MCC Sessions: Teaching/Administration -- K-12, To Be or Not to Be a Graduate Student, African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Sajira Mae The - San Jose - Compassion has always been an important part of my core values- it has dictated each of my educational and career choices. This manifests itself in my desire to serve the marginalized and under-resourced of the world. One of the greatest lessons I've learned in my professional development is that, metaphorically speaking, there is no straight road. However, there are places along the way that will provide you will excellent resources and knowledge, such as UCSC. It has been an honor to work with the university even after my time as a student.
    UCSC Cowell '12, Community Studies, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
    Azusa Pacific University, MA Transformational Urban Leadership, 2014

    Program Assitant, Scout from University of California
    simplysajira "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, To Be or Not to Be a Graduate Student, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Shonte Thomas - Santa Cruz -
    UCSC Rachel Carson College '99, Politics
    Pepperdine University, M.Ed 2003
    Director African American Resource and Cultural Center, UC Santa Cruz

    sfthomas "at" ucsc.edu
    MCC Sessions:

    Jonathon Silveira: - Cupertino -Upon graduation in 2014, I got hired as an ABA therapist, helping children with autism develop prosocial skills and helping their parents and caregivers implement the techniques to maintain these behaviors. I recently quit this job, but I highly value the skills I acquired while working and look back fondly on the experience.
    UCSC Kresge '14, Intensive Psychology
    Senior Behavior Instructor, Behavior Frontiers

    Jocqui Smollett -
    MCC Sessions: Technology, Be Your Own Boss! Entrepreneurial Launch: Learn the Keys to Success, African American Resource and Cultural Center

    Helen Yamamoto -San Francisco- I am incredibly grateful for the employment opportunities I had as a UCSC undergrad, and even some of the smallest, seemingly most insignificant positions I held while there have eventually benefited me in some fashion. A short-term position I held with the Physics Department as an undergraduate history student, for example, later helped me get several hardware-oriented positions, including a position at a smart glass manufacturing facility and a role that allowed me to participate in the development of ultraviolet detectors to launch into the Earth's ionosphere.
    UCSC Merrill '09, History and Astrophysics,
    Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, 2010, Second BA from University of Colorado at Boulder, Physics and Astrophysics double-major, 2013.
    MCC Sessions: Not available first session, I’m Done! Now What?, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Cantu Queer Center

    Thong Vang - Sacramento -
    UCSC College Nine '15, Sociology and Education, Engaging Education, Hmong Student Association, AAPIRC
    College and Career Readiness Program Associate, Businesses United in Investing Lending and Development (BUILD)
    tkvang93 "at" gmail.com

    MCC Sessions: Nonprofit/Government, Turning Your Passion into a Career, Asian American/Pacific Islander

    Salvador Vazquez - Concord - After graduating from UCSC I entered one of GE's leadership programs called the Edison Engineering Development program. It was a 3 year program where I learned leadership skills, technical skills, and general engineering skills. At the same time GE paid for me to get my Masters at Michigan state. Since finishing that program I have transitioned from Electrical and Systems Engineering to Software Engineering, then I made the switch to Technical Product Management and hope to eventually make the switch to a full time Product Manager.
    UCSC Cowell '11, Electrical Engineering, MEP, SHPE
    Michigan State, MS in Electrical Engineering
    Technical Product Manager, General Electric
    salvadorv87 "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions:

    Richard Vasquez - Watsonville - Born in Bakersfield, raised in San Jose and currently live in Watsonville. While at UCSC I was employed as a counselor for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). As a retired Educator I do a lot of inter-generational work and see myself as a resource in my immediate community or wherever needed. Over the years and including today, I am a board member for many non-profit organization, particularly those supporting social justice. Currently I am co-coordinator for the UCSC Latino Alumni Network (LAN).
    UCSC Oaks '72, Sociology and Education,
    Teaching Credential in 1974
    Retired Educator, Retired from UCSC-EOP
    richardfvasquez "at" gmail.com
    MCC Sessions: Arts and Media, Turning Your Passion into a Career, El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

    Contact: mcc@ucsc.edu