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Every year the Career Center sponsors a survey to ask graduating seniors about their post-graduation plans broadly, and more specific information if they have secured a job (including job title and salary) or been accepted into a graduate/professional degree program. This survey is designed to provide students, alumni, and employers with critical data about where UCSC students go after graduation.

Each survey year includes the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring graduating cohorts.

SPRING 2021 GRADUATES: Click here to take the survey!

WINTER 2021 GRADUATES: Click here to take the survey!

We have prizes:

$100 Amazon gift certificates, to be awarded in random drawings to recent graduates who have finished the survey. 

This survey is administered by UCSC's Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies. For information about survey administration and/or questions about individual majors profiles, please contact surveys@ucsc.edu

The results from previous years have shown that college major as such does not restrict the employment or graduate school options that UCSC students pursue. Major profiles were created to provide an overview of the diverse interests and achievements of recent graduates from UC Santa Cruz.

Click here to see the results at the UCSC IRAPS webpage: