Measure 70: Banana Slugs Changing the World

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Students told us what they wanted. 

The Career Center is proposing a measure that will create more job and internship opportunities, provide 24/7 services, support our diverse student body with tailored programming, and ultimately make you more competitive in the job market!

With a gap between our current budget and the funding needed to give students the services they have asked us for, we are proposing a quarterly fee that will open up opportunities that we have never been able to offer before.

This measure is the only one on the spring ballot that will affect all students–both undergraduate and graduate.

This measure was endorsed by SUA, Rachel Carson College and College 10. 

What's on the ballot?

Shall the undergraduate and graduate students of UCSC provide funding for the Career Center to support platforms and student directed programming by enacting a $10.89 per student, per quarter (fall, winter, spring) Career Center Platforms and Programs Fee, beginning Fall 2019? This fee will sunset in 12 years (through Spring 2031).   

A Yes Vote

A Yes vote is a Vote for Careers. Yes on 70 will enable the Career Center to provide students with cutting edge technology, connections to high interest employers, and customized programming for the 64 majors and multiple intersecting identities* on campus. 

A No Vote

No on 70 would make UCSC students less competitive in the job market. The resulting lack of funding would translate to:

  • limited student access to emerging career preparation technology available at other campuses. This will impact students' readiness for jobs after leaving UCSC.
  • fewer opportunities to connect students with high-interest employers. 
  • restricting student offerings to general career fairs and workshops, instead of programs targeted to majors and identities.
  • a lack of resources to help students prepare for jobs & internships outside of our 8am5pm hours.
Additionally, 30+ Career Center student workers could end up losing their positions.

Read more on our FAQ's page.


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How we got here

Our initial proposal to cover the cost of people, programs and platforms carried a suggested fee of $27.83. We postponed that request, secured the funding for the necessary people, and are now asking for $10.89 to help bring resources to students outside of office hours.

This measure is an investment in targeted programming that will make students more competitive in the ever changing job market. It's an opportunity for students, the Career Center and Student Success to work together in supporting preferred student job opportunities!

Student input

Students told us what they wanted through the following processes:

  • Opinion Poll on the 2017 Campus Election Ballot
  • Presentations and conversations with all 10 college student governments
  • Student Union Assembly
  • Graduate Student Assembly
  • Six focus groups
  • Conversations with 10 additional student groups

These eight priorities emerged (followed by the number of students who voted for them):


Most importantly, students will continue to drive decisions about how these funds are spent via an advisory committee. Read more on our FAQ's page.

Questions? Ask us at


*Intersecting identities that would benefit from customized programming include students of color, LGBTQIA+, undocumented, veteran, EOP, first generation, international, DRC, women, and graduate students.