Measure 70: Banana Slugs Changing the World

two students smiling

Meaure 70 Results

The campus election results are OUT, and we were blown away by student voter turnout topping 40 percent. While we received a majority YES on Measure 70 for new Career Center platforms and programs, we did not receive the 2/3 "Yes" votes required to pass.

We want to thank everyone on campus who supported our push to bring students new cutting edge career development technologies and customized programming for intersecting identities. We appreciate the time that the college senates gave us to present, the support of other UCSC departments, and all the students who stopped by our tabling sessions or the Career Center to ask questions or express their support of the measure. You rock!

Moving forward, we will continue to pursue our mission of preparing students for what they want to do with their lives, maximizing our resources to serve the campus and the incredible students that make this university extraordinary. While our funding will be limited, we're committed to continue exploring ways to best support Banana Slugs in changing the world - wherever they are, however they can!

We are also excited to announce that Student Fee Advisory Committee has allotted some funding to expand a few programs to better serve intersecting identities. Stay tuned for announcements about some new events that will be rolling out for the 2019/20 school year.

For the backstory on the measure, please visit our archived campaign information page.