Student Employment

For Off-Campus Employment, check out the SlugQuest system.
Don't get caught in a job scam! Check out our Safety Tips for Your Online Job Search.

For On-Campus Employment, visit the ER System (or continue reading below)!

Employee Request System

The Employee Request System (ERS) is your portal to finding on-campus jobs.  UC Santa Cruz hires about 4,000 students every year to work in part-time positions across campus.  Students work as lifeguards, computer technicians, office assistants, groundskeepers, tutors, peer advisors, and more!  Follow the steps below to get started.

Logging on

Navigate to the ERS login page and type in your Student ID number and birth date (don't forget the slash marks!).  If you are a new or transfer student, you won't be able to log in until 10 working days before the quarter starts.  See the Career Center Access Chart for more information.

After you log in, you will be asked to confirm your current profile. Take a look at your information, make edits if you need to, and then click 'Continue.'

Searching for jobs (or 'Employee Requests')

There are two categories of student jobs - Non Work-Study and Work-Study.  If you have a work-study award as part of your financial aid package, then you are eligible for both work-study and non work-study jobs.  If you do not have work-study, then you can apply to only non work-study jobs.

Clicking on the white links will take you to the posted jobs under that category. You can also look up a specific job by typing in the four-digit 'ER Number' in the search field:

Remember: sometimes jobs are posted under both work-study and non work-study, so make sure you select the right category before you search!

You can start looking for jobs right away, but eventually you're going to need to create your generic application.

Applying to an ER

Click the 'My Applications' link on the menu, then click the 'Create New' button.

There is a field at the very end of the form to copy and paste a full resume (or to include a URL to an online resume).  But even if you have a separate resume, you should still complete the entire application form, because that's the first thing supervisors are going to see when they open your application.  When you finish filling out the form, click 'Save' at the bottom.

You now have an application ready to go!

Now you can search for and apply to an ER.  When you click on an ER to read the job description and other details, you should see the button "Apply To This Job" at the very bottom. Click it!

You will see the same blank application form that you filled out previously. You don't need to fill it out again - just click on 'import the saved information' at the top, and hey presto! Your information has been imported.

Now check out your information, previous employers, and skills, add any extra information at the bottom (or a URL to your online resume/cover letter), and click 'Apply'!

After you submit your application, you can check on its status from the "My Applications".

You've been hired!

If the supervisor decides to hire you, he or she will probably notify you personally, but you will also receive an automated email from the ER System that will say one of two things, depending on your status in the University's payroll system. If you have never been hired on campus before, or if you've had a break in your employment, then you will be required to come to the Career Center so you can fill out fun paperwork. If you are still in the payroll system, then you can start working immediately - no need to visit us (but you can if you want to!).

Make sure you wait until you receive the automated email before you go to work or come to the Career Center. Sometimes supervisors forget to 'officially' hire you in the ER System and will send you over to us, whereupon you will sadly be told that there's nothing we can do until the ER System recognizes your hired status. Don't let that happen to you!