Off-Campus Work-Study Employer Contract Approval Guidelines and Principles

Rev. 10/28/14

  1. To qualify as an off-campus Work-Study employer , the following requirements must be met:
    • Non-Profit: The organization may be public or private, must be non-profit and tax exempt as certified by the IRS. Eligibility for membership to the organization may not be limited in anyway.
    • Non-Political: The Work-Study job must be directly supervised and may not involve the employee in political activities which include working for a candidate for public office or an elected official, working on a political campaign, or lobbying on the federal, state, or local level.
    • Non-Religious: Maintenance of any facility used, or to be used, for sectarian instruction, or as a place of worship is prohibited.
    • For National/Community Welfare: A Work-Study employee may only perform work that is for national or community welfare, rather than for a particular interest or group.
  2. Priority approval will be given to those employers providing opportunities such as:
    • Tutoring or other support of family literacy projects
    • Reading/Math Tutors
    • Improving quality of life for community residents
    • Solving problems related to community needs
    • Work in service opportunities or youth corps
    • Support services for students with disabilities
    • Activities serving as a mentor supporting educational and recreational activities and counseling.
  3. A detailed job description should be provided with the Application for Student Assistance.
  4. Work site must be local and accessible for Career Center site visits.
  5. Continuing off-campus employers must have history of UCSC on-time account receivable payments and no past due balances.
  6. Off-campus Work-Study job funding level will be established at the beginning of the academic year and will determine the number of contracts approved for that year.
  7. Before the start of each academic year the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will set up a meeting with the Career Center to discuss the upcoming year. Included in the meeting agenda will be a review of the Off-Campus Contract Approval Process and the Principles document and any outstanding charges for past off-campus employers will be discussed. Participants in the meeting will include the Data Management Supervisor, Financial Aid Analyst, Career Center Work-study Program Manager and Job Development Manager.
  8. New Work-Study Applications will be received and reviewed by the Career Center. The Career Center will forward the packet to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for additional review. If approved, the contract will be signed by the Director of Financial Aid and returned to the Career Center for further processing.
  9. The Director of the Career Center can approve and has signature authority for continuing off-campus Work-Study employers. The Application packets for continuing employers will be received and reviewed by the Career Center. The Career Center will check to make sure that the application packet is complete and that there is a current IRS/State Franchise Board Letter of Exemption or Articles of Incorporation in the file. A contract will not be signed for those employers with outstanding balances due to the University.
  10. On-site evaluations will be conducted for continuing employers during the renewal process for appropriate work and terms of work assignments.
  11. Student employees should not be paid less than the California minimum wage. Pay rates should follow Career Center guidelines. Pay rates should be applicable to the job level and will be reviewed by the Career Center for appropriate classification.
  12. Work-Study employment can not displace employees or impair existing service contracts.