Off-Campus Employer Work-Study Information

The Federal College Work-Study Program stimulates and promotes part-time employment for currently registered students who are eligible for Financial Aid and are awarded Work-Study. This program gives the student the opportunity to earn a portion of their financial aid, and to explore career possibilities while gaining valuable and practical work experience.

Below, you will find information on becoming a Work-Study employer, creating an Employee Request, and hiring student workers.

Qualifying as a Work-Study Employer

Work-Study Application Packet

Application Approval Process

Posting Jobs and Hiring Students

Qualifying as a Work-Study Employer

To qualify as an Off-Campus Work-Study employer, the following requirements must be met:

  • Non-Profit: The organization may be public or private, must be non-profit and tax exempt as certified by the IRS. Eligibility for membership to the organization may not be limited in anyway.
  • Non-Political: The Work-Study job must be directly supervised and may not involve the employee in political activities which include working for a candidate for public office or an elected official, working on a political campaign, or lobbying on the federal, state, or local level.
  • Non-Religious: Maintenance of any facility used, or to be used, for sectarian instruction, or as a place of worship is prohibited.
  • For National/Community Welfare: A Work-Study employee may only perform work that is for national or community welfare, rather than for a particular interest or group.

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Work-Study Application Packet

All employers (both new and returning) must submit a Work-Study Application Packet before hiring Work-Study students. A complete packet contains the following:

  1. Off-Campus Work-Study Application Bundle (or download individual documents below)
    1. Work-study Contract Checklist
    2. Application for Student Assistance
    3. The 2017-2018 Contract (must provide TWO original contracts with signatures - no copies)
    4. Signature Authorization
  2. Detailed job description for each student position (provided by you)
  3. IRS/State Tax Exemption Letters or Articles of Incorporation (provided by you)

We cannot accept photocopies or digital copies of the Application Packet. Please mail the completed Packet to:

UC Santa Cruz
Career Center work-study coordinator
1156 High St
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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Application Approval Process

The Career Center will strive to approve applications within 24 hours of receipt, but incomplete packets or incorrectly filled-out forms will result in delay.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password for the Employee Request System, where you can post jobs, review applications, and hire students (see below).

Returning Work-Study employers must clear any past due balances with the University before an application can be approved.  The Career Center will contact you upon receipt of your application if your organization has a past due balance.

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Posting Jobs and Hiring Students

Creating an Employee Request

er title image

The Employee Request (ER) System is the University's sole portal for Off-Campus Work-Study employers to post jobs and hire students. 

For new employers, choose the "New ER" option after logging in to create a new Work-Study position.  Check out our Quick User Guide for a step-by-step tutorial (with screenshots!) on creating an ER.

For returning employers, use the "Search ERs" link to find and edit your existing ER. If you are listed as the supervisor for the ER, there will be an "edit" button to click on to start the editing process. Any proposed changes must go through an approval process with  the Career Center before the changes go live.  Also, be aware that your ER will not post if there are unreviewed applications from last year.

Student Applications and Hires

The system will notify you each time a student applies to your ER.  You can view all of your applicants by clicking on the "Applications" link on the menu bar. Click on a student's name to view his or her application.

er apps image

To hire a student, click on the "Start Hire" button at the bottom of that student's application. You will have an opportunity to adjust the student's start and end dates, as well as the hours per week.  Make sure you click "Complete Hire"!  The student will receive a confirmation email with instructions to report to the Career Center to complete new hire paperwork (if needed).

er hired image

Remember: a student may not begin working until they have been officially hired via the ER System!  You can always check on a student's employment status by clicking "View Hire Status" on their application.

er status image

In the example below, the student still needs to go to the Career Center to complete new hire paperwork.  The student may not work until this is done, otherwise your organization will be fully responsible for paying the student's wages for all work performed before the student completed the new hire paperwork.

er i9 image

If you have any questions call (831) 459-4024 or email