Accessing Employee Request System

User names and passwords are issued and maintained by your campus HR Service Team

Each service team has different procedures for creating Employee Requests and hiring students. You should consult with them before using the system to find out what you are responsible for.

Direct staff link:
Direct student link:

Users with Supervisor level access may:
  • Be listed on an Employee Request (ER) as a unit contact or hiring supervisor.
  • Elect to receive email notifications when students submit an application.
  • Review and/or print student applications for jobs on which they are listed as a contact.
  • Start the hiring process by clicking "Start Hire" from a student application and complete hire action by clicking "Complete Hire" on the resulting page.
  • Check on student hire status using the "Hires" link.

At the discretion of the HR service team, a supervisor may also:

  • Create new Employee Requests.
  • Modify and/or reuse existing ERs on which they are listed.
  • Copy any ER in the system and save as new.

An email notification of a newly created or modified ER is automatically sent to the service team contact listed. The service team then reviews the ER and may forward it to the Career Center for final approval and posting.

Users with Service Team level access have the above privileges as well as being able to:
  • Modify any ER for units in their service team.
  • Access any student application for the service team and complete hires.
  • Forward ERs to the Career Center for approval / posting.
  • Add new users and edit existing users information and passwords.

For additional help or information, contact the system administrator using the 'Problems and Comments' link at the bottom of the page or call (831) 459-4024.