Creating an Employee Request (ER)

Each HR service team has different procedures for creating Employee Requests and hiring students. You should consult with your team before using the system to find out what you are responsible for. Off-campus employers should consult with the Work-Study Coordinator.

To Post a Job and hire a student:

Here are the best ways to accomplish this in order of preference and speed:

  1. Ask your HR service team to help find and re-post an existing ER for you. They have the ability to make quick edits to existing ERs and post the job immediately. Only HR teams have the Quick Edit feature. Changes to the actual job description or pay rate must still be approved by the Career Center.
  2. Use the Search ERs link to find and Edit an existing ER. If you are listed on an ER, there will be an Edit button and you will be able to start the edit process. Note that the proposed changes must go through an approval process by both the HR team and the Career Center before the changes go live.
  3. Use the Search ERs to search the entire UCSC jobs listings. Once you find an ER which closely meets your needs, use the Save As button to save the ER as yours. You may then modify it and save it. Note that the proposed changes must go through an approval processes by both the HR team and the Career Center before the changes go live.
  4. Use the New ER link to create a new ER from scratch. The ER must go through the entire approval process before it can go live.

Note: Only one pending edit can exist for each ER, so the original ER is locked until all approvals are completed.

Important Notice: An ER will not post until all previously submitted student applications have been marked reviewed. When you click Edit, the system will inform you if there are outstanding applications. If you edit a currently posted ER, it may un-post.

ER Details:

Required fields are blue with an asterisk.

For security reasons, you have 4 hours from the time you open the form to the time you save or submit it before your connection times out.

Staff Contact Information:

Select staff contacts from the pop up lists. Note: All staff contacts must be users in the system. See Accessing the System for more information.

  • SC Staff Name is set by default to the default HR service team contact. This person will receive notification that a new ER was created by you.
  • Unit Contact - The unit name associated with this user will be listed as the Unit Name in the student job listings. May be the same as the supervisor.
  • Supervisor - This person is listed as Hiring Supervisor in the student job listings.

Check the box next to a contact name to have them notified via email every time an application is received for this job. (Applications may always be reviewed by listed contacts and the HR team regardless of this setting).

Select a Supervision Level if desired.

Employment Type and Schedule:

  • Check Work-study, Non Work-study or both check boxes for Recruitment type.
  • Check box if job location is Off Campus.
  • The DOS (PPS description of service) code box will normally be selected by the Career Center.
  • Select a Job Classification. The Pay Rate and Title Code will be filled in for you. You may change this information, but these changes are subject to review by the service team and the Career Center.
  • Choose ASAP or select a start date for the preferred job Start Date. This is different from the ER posting date.
  • Choose a job End Date, generally June 30th for non-work-study or the end of the Spring term for work-study.
  • Type in approximate Hours Per Week. More detailed schedule information may be included in "Comments for Students" further down the form.

Hiring Specifications:

  • Type in a Working Title for this job. This is the job title that will be used in the student job listings.
  • Enter the Payroll Account Number (FOAPAL) if you know it, or the HR team may enter this later.
  • Enter the approximate Number of Positions you wish to fill.
  • Residential Staff Perquisite Amount applies to certain jobs with fixed instead of hourly pay rates
  • When to Post is when or if you want the job posted in the student listings. A student may apply for an approved, non-posted job if you supply them with the ER number.
  • When to Auto-Expire is the date you want the job removed from student listings. Staff should take the responsibility to expire jobs that have been filled to remove them from active student listings.
  • Number of Applications received before mandatory expire: Allows a posted ER to expire after a given number of applications have been submitted.

Job Qualifications and Description:

  • Check the skills boxes as desired.
  • Type a description of the Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required for this position.
  • Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Preferred and Upper Division Courses Required are optional fields.
  • Statement of Duties is required, however it can be brief. You must enter % of Time and the percentages must add up to 100%.

Comments and Notes:

  • Optional Comments to Students are viewable to students on-line and on printed ERs.
  • Auto Response Email: Enter a message to be sent to every student applicant when they apply. You must choose a sender to activate this function.
  • Notes to Career Center and Notes to Service Team may be used for internal communication and are never viewable to students.


  • Click the Save or Update button to save the ER and automatically notify the HR team of your changes. You may still make changes to a new ER, but if you are not ready to submit it for review, you should make a note in the Comments for Service Team section. Existing ERs are locked until changes are approved by both the HR team and the Career Center.


  • You may print the ER after it is saved.

Log Out:

  • Click the login / logout tab at the top right of the page to log out of the system and protect the system from unauthorized access by another person using your computer.