Required Employment Documents

New Hires:

After being hired, it is mandatory that students bring original, un-expired identity and employment authorization documents to the Career Center before they start working. Expired documents, photocopies and faxes are NOT acceptable.

A student may bring in:

List A Documents that establish both identity and employment authorization.

If students do not have one of the documents in List A, they can provide two documents - one to prove identity (List B), and one to prove that they are authorized to work in the United State (List C):

List B Document that establishes identity


List C Document that establishes employment authorization.

Note: some students do not have a List C document on hand. The fastest way for students to acquire one is to apply for a duplicate Social Security Card at the Social Security Administration (SSA) office.  The SSA will issue a receipt of application, which will allow students to complete new hire paperwork and begin working.  The local SSA office is located at 169 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Upon completion of all forms at the Career Center, students will be issued a Blue Card to bring to their supervisor showing employment authorization.

Permanent Resident Students:

Permanent Resident students may bring in List B and List C documents, but must also be able to provide the Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number from their Permanent Resident card.

International Students:

Both F-1 and J-1 International Students must provide the following original, un-expired documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94
  • I-20 or DS-2019 (issued by UCSC)

J-1 Students must also show a Letter of Authorization to work issued by the International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS) Office.

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Continuing Hires:

No additional documents are required and the student DOES NOT need to come to the Career Center. A Blue Card will NOT be issued to continuing students.