Steps for Hiring Students

1) Review of Applications - Scheduling of Interviews
  • Supervisor listed on ER may, at any time during recruitment, search for applications by student ID, name, ER number, title, work-study status, "submitted before" and "submitted after" dates.
  • Supervisor may click student email link to schedule interview.
  • Supervisor may print application for potential candidates.
  • Supervisor should update the application status to help keep track or to send a "Not hired" email to the student. (see Applications)

2) Supervisor Initiates Hire action

  • Supervisor agrees to hire student and clicks the "Start Hire" button at the bottom of the application
  • Supervisor checks that all information is correct, especially the account number.
  • Supervisor verifies or changes start date, end date and estimated hours per week.
  • Supervisor clicks the "Complete Hire" button. The student is now hired. Before clicking "Complete Hire", you may cancel the hire action. Afterward, you must contact your HR Service Tenter to inactivate the hire.
  • Supervisor is then given options to:
    • Expire the ER, if it is currently posted
    • Mark all reviewed applications either Not Selected or delete them. Note that only applications that were previously reviewed are updated.
  • An On-boarding email message is automatically sent to the newly hired student.

3) Getting the student on Payroll

  • When the "Complete Hire" button is clicked, there are basically two different scenarios:
    1. Student is already active in the payroll system (PPS) and may start work as of the start date indicated. The service team will complete the PPS data entry. Do not send the student to the Career Center in this case, no blue card will be issued.
    2. Student is NOT active in PPS. Student must come to the Career Center with the required documents to complete payroll signup. A "Blue Card" will be issued to the student so the supervisor can confirm they have completed the signup process. Student may not start work before signup is completed.


Student Returning to Same Job in Fall

Non-work-study students will be extended through the next academic year by the HR team's "extension process".

Work-study students returning to the same job they had last year must be re-hired each year. They are not required to re-apply on-line, but work study award usage must be clarified before you complete a hire action for the current year. Work-study awards shown on any student application are always current. Details

  • Supervisor may use previously submitted student application to click "Start Hire", then "Complete Hire" for current year.
  • Service team or supervisor must consult with student regarding usage of work-study for current year.


Students must be hired again for an approved ER with the new job description. See below.

New Job in Same Unit

HR service teams may be able to generate a Hire action for the new job from an existing application in the case of re-classification or a new job within the same unit.