Graduate students can work in a variety of positions and industries. The labor market, your personal interests, financial needs, and life circumstances all influence your career goals. It makes sense to prepare now for a variety of future opportunities that will utilize your special skills and abilities.

There are three essential factors to consider when making any career decision. Your interests, skills and values or more simply, what you like, what you’re good at and what’s important to you.

In addition to discussions with your Career Coach, Career Assessments are effective tools to help you determine your career interests, skills and values. For graduate students, we recommend:

The Strong Interest Inventory

Identifies your areas of interests and occupations that you may be interested in pursuing. First meet with a Career Coach for the web site address and password for access. There is a $15 charge for this service. 

Life Values Inventory

Helps you to build a customized values profile. Also includes information on occupations that reflect specific values and values based approaches to managing transition.

Strengths Finder 


Web resource that helps students in the STEM fields to focus on how to leverage their expertise into a satisfying and productive career.

APA's Resource for Individual Development Plans

The American Psychological Association provides its own resources to help graduate students’ develop their own Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Imagine PhD

Coming Soon... 

Our staff is here to offer confidential coaching services to help you through this process. To make an appointment, visit us on the third floor of the Bay Tree Building or call (831) 459-4420.