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Unsure of a career or major? The UCSC Career Center offers assessments and/or workbooks that can help you gain clarity on these issues. Click to find an assessment for you.

Focus 2

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Strong Interest Inventory

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Focus 2

Focus on-line assessment tool (free)

  • Available to UCSC students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Who should take FOCUS?

  • Are you unsure of what careers best suit you?
  • Are you having trouble choosing a major?
  • Do you know the UCSC majors that lead to particular careers?
  • FOCUS will help you select the right major & make a career plan!
  • Available to UCSC students, alumni, faculty and staff.

How much time does it take?

  • FOCUS takes about 45 minutes to complete, although you can spend additional time researching different occupational choices and viewing over 300 career videos!

How can I get started?


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What's next?

  • Drop into the Career Center if you have questions on your results. A Career Coach can assist you with interpreting the information you've learned about yourself, potential majors and careers.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - 30 - 35 min. online assessment ($15 cost)

  • A personality preference assessment based on psychoanalyst Carl Jung's theories. The results help you better understand yourself and the career possibilities you may find satisfying.
  • First meet with a Career Coach to get the web site address and password to access it.

Strong Interest Inventory

30 - 35 min. online assessment ($15 cost)

  • Identifies your areas of interests, occupations and majors (if applicable) that you may be interested in pursuing.
  • First meet with a Career Coach for the web site address and password for access.

Payment Information

We have an agreement with the Bay Tree Bookstore to accept credit card payments using their on-line shopping cart. Click on one of the following links to add the item to the bookstore shopping cart. Once you have completed your payment, you should print out the confirmation for your records. Bring the receipt to the Career Center for verification. Please contact the Career Center, not the bookstore if you have problems or questions. You must meet with a career adviser before making any payments or taking these tests.


If paying by credit card, make sure to select "Career Center" for shipping at the bookstore check-out.  This will ensure that you are not charged for shipping.

If you have specific questions or concerns please contact a career coach via phone or email