Health Professions

It is an exciting time to have a career in the Health Professions.  Medical knowledge is doubling every 8-10 years and TV shows like Greys Anatomy and House have made it cool to be a physician again.  More importantly the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health care will experience phenomenal growth into the next decade.  

In addition this decade has experienced the increased use of computer technology in both medical education and patient care.

  • It is now common to see the use of digital media such as ipads in the clinical setting  as for example a physician looking at ones X-Ray on the ipad or computer screen minutes after it was taken.
  • Thanks to the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, we are now seeing the growth of a new field in medicine called Genomics
  • Computerized Mannequins are becoming a part of medical training and helping increase patient safety, reduce training errors and improve quality of care. 

One other factor affecting training, practice and the future of medicine is health care reform.  It is anticipated that in 2014 millions of people in the U.S will have more access to health care and prevention services.

Related to employment, Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a net job growth of 3 million jobs in health care by the end of 2020, the highest projected growth of any occupation.  For physicians the most in demand will be family practitioners, Internist, Hospitalists and psychiatrists.  Also heavy in demands in the near future will be Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners and other advanced practice nurses.  The PA sector will increase by 30%  over the next decade.  Median salary for PA’s in 2010 was $91,000.