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DEADLINE for On-Line PROPOSAL: Monday, November 13, 2018

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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For program goals to guide the writing of your proposal please see: CUIP Guidelines

Please read through information below:

450 hours of high quality work on a high priority project.

Examples of Previous CUIP internships:

  • MARKETING efforts for the Career Center, Women's Center;
  • STUDENT RECRUITMENT and RETENTION for Student Organization Advising and Resources, and Oakes College;
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT and analysis, including inventory of trees for Landscape Management, and assessment survey analysis for the Library, Housing, and Instructional Computing;
  • PROGRAM SUPPORT for the Cowell College Diversity Program, Sesnon Art Gallery School Outreach, Student Health Outreach Programs and Wellness Center.

...and MORE!

CUIP Interns can revolutionize their departments. Hear what our mentors had to say:

"Each year the CUIP Interns in the College Nine and College Ten Cocurricular Programs Office do amazing work!  The programs they plan, the courses they teach, the leadership opportunities they develop for students, and the hands-on work they do to positively impact our communities, truly change people's lives.  Not only is it an honor and a joy to mentor the interns each year, it is the backbone of our program.  They bring our themes - International and Global Perspectives for College Nine, and Social Justice and Community for College Ten - to life!" — Wendy Baxter, C9 & C10 Director of Academic and CoCurricular Programs

"[The UC Santa Cruz Police Department CUIP intern] provided me and other department members an expanded ability to connect and engage with students, with greater insight into a student's world.  New lines of communication were opened, that had previously been hidden. This resulted in a paradigm shift for both the Police Department and students, whereby mutual understanding, and meaningful relationships were developed." — Nader Oweis, UC Santa Cruz Chief of Police

"Thanks to our CUIP interns [in the Good Neighbor Initiative], UC Santa Cruz hosted a highly successful Community and Arts Festival in downtown Santa Cruz.  The festival featured student music and dance performances,  and displays from student groups who provide hours of volunteer service in the community. Of the hundreds of community members who attended the festival, many commented that they had no idea UC Santa Cruz students were doing so many positive activities for Santa Cruz County. Our CUIP interns are an essential part of creating good relations between UC Santa Cruz and the community." — Richelle Noroyan, Community Relations Representative

Timeline for 2017-2018:

  • Unit Proposals due Midnight Monday, November 13, 2018
  • CUIP Advisory Board meets to select internships late November
  • Units notified of selection in December
  • Internship opportunities posted to students first week of January
  • Student applications due - TBA
  • Interviews March-April
  • Internships begin Fall 2017

Estimate $4350 (or $8450)*

* This estimate is based upon half of the intern's current yearly registration fees (not including health insurance) plus a $250 program participation scholarship. (Some departments choose to pay 100% of student scholarships in order to participate because Chancellor's matching funds are limited to 26 internships.) Changes in registration fees can change the cost at any time. Please refer to the Registrar's web site for a current breakdown of fees.

Working with a mentor, CUIP interns take a lead role on a project or program important to the UCSC community. Interns participate in a weekly class designed to strengthen their leadership skills. Through the class they interact with the Chancellor and high ranking campus administrators, and make an array of peer contacts among student leaders. CUIP interns gain firsthand knowledge of the goals and operations of campus administration, and become powerful advocates in the campus community and beyond.

Important Information

Limited Number of Internships
A limited number of CUIP internships will receive funding. Therefore, it is important to meet the proposal deadline.

PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A FOAPAL NUMBER (including Fund and Organization) indicating which account to charge should the unit be selected to have a CUIP intern.

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On-Line PROPOSAL due by Monday, November 13, 2018

We recommend that you compose your proposal in a word processing program and paste the sections into the form in order to avoid the frustration of loosing your work due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of web based forms.

For examples of internship descriptions, please see:

After submitting your proposal, please return here to view your submission as the CUIP Advisory Board will see it: Current Proposals

If you have submitted a CUIP Proposal in a previous year, you can edit and resubmit your previous proposal by using this link: CUIP Employer Login.

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