Soraya Danesh-Fire Department Intern

Soraya Danesh, a 3rd year Economics and Psychology double major from College Ten, began her internship ready to conquer the world of risk management while working as the Fire Department’s Public Education Program Intern. At the time, she had no clue what managing risk even meant. When she first tried out for her internship position with the UC Santa Cruz Fire Department, Danesh was somewhat organized, okay with people, very creative and eager to learn. These were going to be vital skills within her internship position. Throughout her internship she grew, learning more about herself and developing ways in which risk management could be taught in not only an innovative way but also in an exciting manner. She worked hard to develop ways to make tabling around campus more interesting and appealing for students. Danesh also put together a team of volunteers to help spread the vital information of the UC Santa Cruz Fire Department’s Public Education Program.
            Her project was to recreate the Public Education Program and to advocate the program, specifically working to reach out to students who live off campus. One of her biggest accomplishments from Fall quarter of 2011 was the public service announcements she created and worked to have presented in all the campus busses. Within Spring quarter of 2012, she put together materials for Spring Spot Light and worked to teach prospective students and their parents about the Fire Department and their involvement on campus.
            Danesh, along with the rest of the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program Interns attended a 2-unit course during Fall and Spring quarters taught by the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, Richard Hughey. From this course, Danesh was able to learn the history of the University and how unique and special our education truly is. She was also able to connect and network with other interns and learn problem solving skills, organization skills and over-all ways to increase her work productivity. Her project has spread through the campus from the loop busses to the dinning halls to the Greek community and to the off campus students, faculty, and staff.
            Danesh, working along side her mentors Fire Chief Jeff Trapp, Fire Captain/ Campus Emergency Manager Chris Gaylord and Business Continuity Planner Rosemary Anderson, have been working hard all year to create new pamphlets, brochures, and teaching materials for the students entering UCSC in the fall of 2012. Chief Trapp feels that “having a CUIP intern has allowed us to have insight into our public education program from a student’s perspective, which as staff we do not always have”.
            Moving forward, Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal Rick Roldewald gave her the idea to create a series of risk management videos for the UC Santa Cruz campus next year. This idea sparked Danesh to create the Ready Slug Series during her senior year at UC Santa Cruz. The series will be a collection of videos that will spread through campus webpage’s and hopefully to other UC campuses over time. She will be working with the Police Department, the Fire Department and a group of 5 film students to write and produce over 20 short videos covering a range of safety codes from living on campus to living off campus and within the city. “Danesh has shown great dedication, serving as a project manager for students from the film program to create and publish the series”, said Captain Gaylord.
            The CUIP program helped Danesh realize her passion for helping others become informed of ways they can prevent and prepare for a wide range of emergencies and disasters. She enjoys learning each and everyday from the people she likes to call “superheroes”, the Firefighters, and taking that knowledge to teach the rest of the UC Santa Cruz community. She wants to use Ready Slug Productions to help improve the lives of students, faculty, and staff in our community. “The videos are a great opportunity for us to make training fun and accessible and cover a lot of different topics in an entertaining way” uttered Captain Gaylord.