Law School Application Timeline

Freshman and Sophomore Years

☐ Attend a pre-law advising workshop at the Career Center

☐ Schedule an appointment with a pre-law coach

☐ Get involved in pre-law student organizations

☐ Determine whether law school is for you by talking with attorneys/conducting informational interviews 

☐ Consider an internship in the legal field

Junior Year

☐ Check out the Law School Admissions Council web information for prospective students

☐ Attend the Grad/Law School fair on campus in October

☐ Research law schools that are a good fit for you

☐ Make a preliminary list of law schools to consider

☐ Attend a law school forum (see web site for times/locations)

End of Junior Year/Summer before Senior Year

☐ Set up your account & your Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

☐ Study for the LSAT and consider taking a prep course

☐ Take the LSAT in February or June

☐ Start asking professors for letters of recommendation

☐ Start writing your personal statement

Senior Year – Early Fall

☐ Order your undergrad transcripts and have them sent to your account

☐ Have your letters of recommendation sent to your LSAC account

☐ Finish your personal statement & have it proofread

☐ Request financial aid materials and read carefully

☐ Register for and take the Sept/Oct LSAT if you haven’t taken it in June

Senior Year - Fall/Winter

☐ Complete online applications through and send off by deadlines

☐ Fill out the FAFSA and financial aid profiles if required

☐ Check our report for completion

☐ Complete all law school application materials ideally by the beginning of September 

☐ Complete financial aid application materials

Please visit LSAC's overview of the application process for additional information.

For any questions or concerns about diversity in law school and law school applicants follow this link for information on ethnic/racial minority applicants.