Resources for Parents

Internships are meaningful, career-related work experiences that allow students to apply academic knowledge to the world of work. They are critical for job placement after graduation. 

In the 1998-99 Recruitment Trends survey completed by Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute, employers were asked what they wanted to see when they evaluated college candidates for employment. Employers gave highest importance to work-related experiences such as internships, summer work and co-ops (from CAM Report, 2/99). 

The UCSC Career Center houses a database which provides quick access to hundreds of internship opportunities. Numerous internship directories also are available in the resource library. 

In addition, the Career Center sponsors two special internship programs. The Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP) matches students with mentors at UCSC to assist in important campus projects. The program includes a year long two unit course on leadership taught by the Chancellor. Interns have their registration fees paid for the academic year in exchange for their internship. Undergraduates in the Professions Training Program (PTP) work off campus to gain professional work experience related to their academic major and earn a minimum of $10/hour. Tax deductable donations to the special internships program allow the program to accomodate more students.