How Parents Can Help

  • If your child is undecided about a major, encourage them to explore various disciplines which are of interest and in which he/she has the academic skills to successfully complete.
  • Encourage your child to visit the Career Center early in their academic career. With careful planning, a satisfying career or successful application to a graduate or professional program will await them upon graduation.
  • Encourage your child to obtain career-related work experience before graduation. Internships are an ideal way get work experience, explore potential careers or "audition" for a career position.
  • Discuss various career opportunities with your child. Discuss what you do professionally. Introduce them to people in various career fields. Help them to look at different career options.
  • Encourage your child to develop a resume and interviewing techniques. The Career Center offers workshops, critiques resumes, and conduct mock interviews.
  • Encourage your employer to offer internships and summer jobs to university students. Consider becoming a mentor to students in these positions.
  • Consider becoming a resource for students interested in exploring your career field by joining the Career Advice Network.
  • Make a donation to support internship programs which provide students with practical work experience, job exploration opportunities, and help pay for their education. You can also donate financially to the Career Center: Make a donation in support of the Career Center