ER System Help and Information

Getting Started

Request an account.  Contact your Staff HR time keeper to get an ER System Supversior account.

Log In.


Creating a Job ("Employee Request")

Click "New ER".  From the top menu, click on "New ER".  This will take you to the New ER form.

Fill out all required fields.  Follow along with our ER Survival Guide.

Save the ER.  Clicking "Save" at the end of the form will forward it to your Staff HR time keeper for review.

Receive email confirmation.  Once the ER has been approved by the Career Center, you'll receive an automated email.  Your ER is now ready to receive applications!


Hiring a Student Worker

Review the applications.  Click on "Applications" from the menu and review the student's application.

Interview the applicant.  This is optional, but recommended.

Hire the student.  If you want to hire the student, click "Start Hire" at the bottom.  You can also review our "Reviewing a Student Application" guide.

Receive the student's Blue Card.  The "Blue Card" is simply an acknowledgement that the student has completed the necessary paperwork at the Career Center.  Once you receive this, the student can start working.



Contact the Student Employment Analyst at
If you need to change your On-Campus ER System password email your timekeeper.
If you need to change your Off-Campus ER System password email contact