Pre-Health Coaching at UCSC

WELCOME to the pre-health coaching website at the UCSC Career Center

UC Santa Cruz's pre-health community is composed of future physicians, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many more! Pre-Health coaching is here to give you quality information and advice to become a successful candidate for health-related professional schools.  

Please click on the topics on the left navigation menu for more information about Health Careers and resources.

We are your campus resource for information on:

  • Fulfilling pre-requisites
  • Choosing from the broad spectrum of Health Careers
  • Preparing a competitive application
  • How to gain clinical experience, volunteer experience, and internships

To meet with a career coach/peer coach, drop in to the Career Center, M-F, 8 am - 5 pm

For additional questions email

Be apart of the new pre-health listserve to stay up-to-date on information about interesting and relevant events happening on and around campus!  Email us if you would like to be apart of the listserve.

Looking for a STEM summer research program?

Winter is the time to apply to summer research programs! For a list of STEM summer research opportunities click here

Special Thanks to Caiti Maskrey and past Pre-Health coaches for creating the UCSC Career Center Pre-Health Manual!