Strategies for Job Searching

Realize that your first job is just that- your first job. It may not be your dream job, but it can serve as a stepping stone to a brighter career path. The hardest job you will ever have is finding the right job.

A diagram of things to consider as you explore your career options

If you already have an idea of what subject or type of career you would like to go into, explore different job titles associated with those specific career areas

Things to research and consider before you apply to positions

Things to think about before and while you search:

  • Location
    • Where do you want to live? Do you hate certain weather, traffic conditions, or social scenes?
  • Size
    • Are you someone who likes to work in a close, small, intimate setting, or like environments with many different employees
  • Organizational Culture
    • Are there certain religious, political, or orientations that you feel strongly about? Does the company you are looking at align with your feelings?

Tips for when you find a position

  • Really read the job description
  • Research the organization/company
  • Visit the company/organization
  • Utilize your network to talk to someone in the organization
  • Ask yourself: will this position provide meaningful experience for building skills, fulfilling values, and/or avenues for accomplishing long-term career goals

Tips for when you get an interview

  • While researching companies, clarify and understand their mission statement, their goals, and how your skills or personality can help the company accomplish them
  • For online resources to help you research companies check out UCSC's Researching Databases
  • Review and remember the tips for Interview preparation
  • Research market trends and salary expectations

For more information and a complete handout regarding Job Searching Strategies, click here

If you have specific questions or want help beginning your job search, contact a coach via email or phone.