Student Employment FAQ’s

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  1. What is COVID-19 Administrative Leave with Pay?
    1. COVID-19 Administrative Leave with Pay provides up to 128 hours of paid leave from work for eligible employees, including student employees, who request leave for certain reasons related to COVID-19. See below for more details.
  2. Am I eligible for COVID-19 Administrative Leave with Pay?
    1. Please see SHR-FAQ’s for more information regarding eligibility. If you have any questions, please begin with your supervisor.
  3. How do I record my time in CruzPay?
    1. If you are continuing to work on campus or have arranged to work remotely with your supervisor, please record your hours as you normally would in CruzPay.
  4. Do I contact my supervisor to obtain approval for administrative leave with pay?
    1. If you are unable to work and you meet one of the three criteria as outlined in the president’s executive order, for requesting administrative leave with pay, please work with your supervisor to determine your eligibility. 
  5. How many hours am I eligible to take as an administrative leave?
    1. Please see SHR-FAQ’s for more information regarding the amount of hours you are eligible to receive and record on a bi-weekly basis. 
  6. If I meet the criteria for administrative leave with pay, how do I report my administrative leave with pay in CruzPay?
    1. CruzPay has been updated to include a paycode called COVID-ADMIN, which should be used to report administrative leave with pay.
  7. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding recording my time in CruzPay?
    1. Please contact your SHR timekeeper for any CruzPay related questions.

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Zoom Access

  1. ALL staff, faculty, and students now have access to Zoom Pro accounts. Students should be directed to this page as they will want to sign in using their Cruz ID/Gold Credentials and not directly with Zoom (here is the Zoom Quick Guide). What this means is that employers no longer need to request Zoom Pro account (increasing time on zoom beyond the previous 40 minutes) for their student employees.

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Eligibility to Work

  1. Will enrolled students be eligible to work remotely during Spring Quarter 2020?
    1. Yes, students who are enrolled in Spring 2020 may continue working in their student jobs and can also be hired into new student jobs during Spring 2020.  New hires will be processed through a remote hiring process (see below).
    2. Work Study funds can be applied to student employee payroll costs when students are working remotely.
  2. Can a student who is on an approved Leave of Absence during Spring 2020 continue working in their current student position or be hired into a new position?
    1. Yes, a student who is on an approved Leave of Absence, processed by the Registrar’s office, is eligible to continue working through Spring 2020 and may also be hired into a new position during Spring 2020. Please note that Work-Study does not apply when a student works during an approved Leave of Absence. Students in non-student Academic Student Employment (ASE) appointments are not eligible to work during a Leave of Absence.
  3. Can a student who graduates as of Winter 2020 work in their student job in Spring 2020?
    1. A student who has graduated early due to COVID-19 related issues may be eligible to continue working in their student job through Spring 2020, if approved by the Career Center. A request must be submitted by the student’s supervisor by completing this FORM. Please note that Work-Study will not apply in Spring 2020 for early graduates.
      1. Special note for non-student Academic Student Employment (ASE):  Students who have graduated as of Winter 2020 and who work in ASE appointments may be eligible to work in Spring 2020 provided that units follow applicable UC UAW/BX contract provisions and campus practices (i.e. confirming that there are no registered graduate or undergraduates available for the position.) Consultation with Divisional AHR is recommended.

Student Academic Appointments (see above)

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Ideas for Remote Projects/Training/Professional Development

  1. As a supervisor, how will I keep my student engaged in remote work throughout Spring 2020?
    1. Think creatively about how a student may continue serving in their current role by using technology. As a supervisor, you may approve your student employee to have an upgraded version of Zoom so they can conduct meetings that are longer than 40 minutes and include multiple attendees. You may initiate a request by submitting an IT Ticket.
    2. Assign projects such as research, reviewing websites for content updates and editing, etc. This could be a great time to catch up on projects that have been on the back burner.
    3. The campus is currently offering many opportunities for remote engagement in meetings, recruitments (i.e. CP/EVC search), webinars, etc. Plug your students into these kinds of opportunities as work time.
  2. Are student employees eligible to use the Learning Management System?
    1.  Yes, student employees are eligible to access and use the Learning Management System. Encourage students to take professional development courses related to leadership, customer service, management, etc. during the period of remote work and apply this as work time.

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Remote Hiring/Onboarding/Blue Card

  1. As a supervisor, will I be able to hire students into new positions during Spring 2020?
    1. Yes, the Career Center has established a process to hire students through a remote format. Students will need to book an online onboarding appointment after they are hired through the ER system. Here are the steps:
      1. After the student is hired they will receive an auto generated confirmation email with instructions for booking an online appointment as well as completing section 1 of their I-9 form. (ALL students will need to refer to the I-9 List A, List B, and List C identification documents. ALL documents provided must be ORIGINALS in order to complete the hiring process copies of these documents cannot be accepted). These documents will be review and confirmed during a Zoom video conference meeting that will be scheduled between the student and the Career Center.
      2. When booking an appointment students should give themselves enough time to complete steps 1-5 (see below) prior to their appointment time.
      3. The student should follow these five steps to initiate the remote hiring process:
        1. STEP 1: The student is to complete Section 1 of the I-9 Form (instructions and link for completing are received within the hire email sent to each new/rehire after the hire button is clicked by the supervisor in the ER system). A Student Employment team member will then reach out to the student once section 1 of the I-9 has been completed. The email sent to the student will ensure that the student has the correct identification documents to move forward as well as request their SID# to confirm they have been hired in the ER System for the job position.
        2. STEP 2: A request will be sent out via email to the student to upload identification documents through File Locker.
        3. STEP 3: Once documents are uploaded, the student will then receive the payroll sign up packet via DocuSign.
        4. STEP 4: Once all documents have been completed a zoom session will then be set up to meet with the student remotely in order to verify those documents( Please note that ALL requested forms MUST be completed prior to the scheduled zoom appointment time in order to proceed)
        5. STEP 5: Once all documents and the zoom session have been completed a virtual “Blue Card” will be sent via email to the Supervisor/Student/Timekeeper. This will be confirmation that the student has completed the hiring process and is approved to start working.

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Off-Campus Work-Study

  1. If I am a student with an Off-Campus Work-Study job, am I able to continue working in Spring 2020? 
    1. Yes, if your Off-Campus employer is able to maintain your employment, yes, you may continue working.
    2. If a student’s Off-Campus Work-Study employer is not able to maintain the student’s employment during the COVID-19 situation, please note that the employer is not obligated to provide Paid Leave, however, the University’s Paid Administrative Leave program would apply to the hours that a student would ordinarily have worked (see above).
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