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Explore Majors &

Want to review your options in both
academics and occupations? Check out these
assessments, exploration tools, and career
planning checklist, to help you get started.

Resume, Cover Letter
& References 

 Need help starting or editing your
resume, cover letter, or reference
sheet? Samples, tips, and
drop in advising for in person help.

Prepare to Search & Apply

Ready to start searching for jobs and
companies? Need advice on how to dress,
act, and answer interview questions
Advice and videos here! 

Career Events

Want to expand your horizons? Go
to a job fairs on campus
interviews, or informational
sessions. Plan to attend!

Find Opportunities

Looking for resources to find work-study non-
work studyjobs or internships on/off campus? 
Career Center services help you find local or
international jobs. Build your experience now!


Did you know that networking is
vital for hearing about
jobs and obtaining them? Begin to
build and discover your network!

Consider Graduate &
Professional Schools

Thinking about going into a career where
graduate or professional schools is
necessary? Learn about application
requirements and timelines for programs!

Career Advising

Need to talk about majors, 
careers, internships, or grad school?
Want to polish your resume, cover
letter, reference sheet?