Career and Internship Preparation Class

Want to use Career Center services while earning academic credit? If so, the Career and Internship Preparation Class is for you!

Overview: The Career and Internship Preparation Class is a 2-unit online course sponsored by Crown College and coordinated by the UCSC Career Center (it is listed on the course catalog as Crown 185). It is taught by our most experienced Career Coach and is intended to help you identify your career values and goals and get you on track for being successful in finding meaningful work in your field of interest.

Topics covered:

  • Self-assessments to understand yourself and careers/internships that best fit your interests and personality preferences
  • Exploration of resources and techniques for finding and evaluating potential positions
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Develop strategies for a successful job and internship search

When offered: The course is offered in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

Most Recent Syllabus


*Note: If you are unable to take the course, you may utilize Career Center services to obtain all the information on the topics covered. Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to get started!