Career Assessments

Unsure of a career or major? UCSC Career Success offers assessments that can help you gain clarity.

Explore Majors and Careers with Focus 2

Focus 2 Careers is a FREE online, interactive self-guided major and career exploration tool. This assessment is available free for all UCSC students. There are multiple modules designed to help you explore more about yourself, your career readiness, and your major and career options. Completing all of the modules usually takes between 30-40 minutes. It is meant to introduce you to your career interests, and we encourage you to explore your results using these resources as well.

Who should take this assessment?

  • Are you unsure of what careers best suit you?
  • Are you having trouble choosing a major?

This assessment will help you narrow down your interests to get started!

Access Focus 2

  1. Login to Handshake, our job and internship platform.
  2. Navigate to the "Career Center" page by clicking the Career Center tab in the top right.
  3. The Career Center page has three buttons at the top: Appointments, Resources, and Surveys. Click the Resources button.
  4. Click the "Focus 2" button for more information on accessing Focus 2 and a login link.

What's next?

Visit Career Success if you have questions on your results. A career engagement specialist can assist you with interpreting the information you've learned about yourself, potential majors, and careers.

Monterey Bay Connect Assessment

Monterey Bay Connect has a FREE online assessment available to UCSC students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

It takes 20 minutes to complete, although you can spend additional time researching different occupational choices. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • 30 - 35 min. online assessment ($15 cost)
  • The MBTI is a personality assessment that helps you better understand yourself and the career possibilities you may find satisfying by evaluating how you perceive the world and make decisions. 
  • First meet with a career coach for further instructions on how to purchase the assessment.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII) 

  • 30-35 minute online assessment ($15 cost)
  • The SII is an interest inventory that identifies your areas of interests, occupations, and majors (if applicable) that you may be interested in pursuing.
  • First meet with a career coach for further instructions on how to purchase the assessment. 

Questions or concerns? Please contact the Career Center at or (831) 459-4420.