ER System Help and Information for Students

ER System banner

  • To use the ER System, you must be registered for the current term.
  • New, transfer and re-admitted students wll be able to log in 10 working days before the start of the term for which they are registered. For Fall 2014, it is projected to be 9/15/2014. The ER system should update about 4:30 am. SlugQuest will be updated later in the day.
  • Students on Leave of Absence may not apply for jobs or use the ER System. An exception is made for summer-only jobs if you were registered in Spring and will be returning in Fall. You must contact the Career Center at 459-4024 to be added to the system.
  • Summer Session: Students registered for Summer Session must pay a $30.00 fee to use the ER System and may apply for summer-only campus jobs. You will not have access to other services.
  • See Policies and Procedures for more information on eligibility.
  • Contact the Career Center 459-4024 if you meet eligibility requirements and still can't log in.

Note - The system updates student information nightly, so there may be a 24-hour delay before your account becomes active.