Career Coaching

We serve UCSC undergraduate and graduate students registered for the current term and Alumni within two years of graduation.

Career Coaching is available virtually and in person! 

Resume/CV/Cover Letter Written Feedback

If you would like feedback on your Resume, CV, or Cover Letter, start here:

  1. If you need help getting started, review these resources on resume and cover letter writing.
  2. Submit your document to this form. We will review it and provide written feedback within 3 business days. Please do not make an appointment until after you've received your written feedback. 
  3. If you have any questions or clarifications about the feedback, feel free to attend our drop in "Ask a Peer" hour (see below), or email
  4. Once you've received feedback, update your resume.
  5. Follow the provided next steps to either make an appointment to review your final draft, or resubmit for additional written feedback.

 Drop-in advising (no appointments needed)

Drop in at Career Success for 15-minute advising sessions with Peer Coaches and Career Engagement Specialists.

Topics covered in drop-in advising

  • Resume & cover letter feedback
  • Job and internship search tips
  • Career exploration
  • Learn about resources provided by Career Success 

Spring 2024 Quarter Hours:






Coaching Appointments

Schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our career coaches through Handshake.

Topics include career exploration, graduate school application, interview prep, and much more.       




Click here for more info on scheduling coaching appointments through Handshake.


If you are a student from the Silicon Valley Extension campus and don't have access to Handshake, please see this link to make an appointment with Michael Carmine.

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