Let the Employer Relations team help you set your company up for recruiting success!

  1. Maximize your company’s visibility by becoming a Partner for Progress or a Local Partner and developing collaborative relationships with student organizations and faculty with help from the Employee Relations (ER) Team. The ER Team can help you create a branding campaign directed at the campus community as a whole or a particular student/faculty population.
  2. Come to school often to meet with students and faculty. Activities such as career fairs, information sessions, email marketing, and on-campus interviews, along with one-on-one interactions with faculty are the best ways to build brand trust. See more on our events page!
  3. When entering your jobs into Handshake, include all appropriate UC Santa Cruz majors to ensure a diverse applicant pool. See more on our job & internships page!
  4. The number of primary candidates you select should match the number of interview slots available. Also choose 3-5 alternates per schedule, as all prime candidates may not sign up.
  5. Communicate regularly with students via email throughout the recruiting process.
    • Send candidates congratulatory emails throughout the recruiting process.
    • Remind them of any particular pre-interview events or interview attire requirements.
    • Contact selected candidates if you notice that they haven’t signed up for an interview time.
    • Keep them apprised of their post-interview status.
  6. Monitor your schedule(s) throughout the process so you can make adjustments if necessary. Contact fairs@ucsc.edu if you find you need to modify your plan(s).