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Transition to Handshake/HIRES Platforms in Summer 2022

Career Success is retiring and replacing the Employment Request (ER) System. Beginning June 28, 2022 Handshake will be the sole campus platform for students to search for meaningful on- and off-campus, part- and full-time employment opportunities, and HIRES (Hire Request Student Employment System) will be the sole platform for processing the hire of new casual-restricted student staff positions. 

Note: Academic Divisions will continue with their existing hiring and onboarding processes.

Already, Handshake offers our students the ability to search for internships and full-time positions. Adding on-campus employment opportunities to Handshake enables us to offer a one-stop shop for our students’ vast and varied employment needs. The industry leader in providing college students with online career connections, Handshake is as versatile as it is powerful. Equipped with a plethora of student-focused, data-driven tools and resources, we are excited about Handshake’s ability to help us reach students where they are today – while helping us guide them where they want to go tomorrow. 

While the ER System will be accessible until Sunday, July 31, hiring managers should create all new employment opportunities exclusively in Handshake beginning June 28, 2022. All open recruitments on the ER system must be completed on or before Sunday, July 31 when the system is formally retired. 

Just in Time Handshake and HIRES Training

Beginning Wednesday, June 15th, Career Success will lead weekly virtual information sessions about the Handshake platform, providing in-depth training and guidance about how to best utilize Handshake for student employment recruitment. RSVP on UC Learning Center for any of the virtual sessions. You may also view a recording of the session here.

Beginning Thursday, June 16th, Staff HR will lead weekly virtual information/training sessions about the HIRES platform, providing in-depth training and guidance about the functionality and use for hiring managers, unit approvers, and those who will manage funding within UCPath for student positions. RSVP on UC Learning Center for any of the virtual sessions. We will also upload a recording of the session to our website

Handshake and HIRES Resources

Browse videos and virtual guides explaining how to use Handshake and HIRES. View a recording of Career Success, Staff HR, and Academic HR introducing the new Handshake and HIRES systems. Review the frequently asked questions about the two new platforms.

Questions About Handshake

Contact Career Success at ucscel@ucsc.edu with any questions about utilizing the Handshake platform. You may also book a 30-minute virtual appointment with Taylor Harrison or Veronica Heiskell, Ph.D.

Questions About HIRES

Contact your SHR Operations Timekeeper with any questions about utilizing the HIRES platform.  Please email Tiffany Nicholas (tnichola@ucsc.edu) or Robin Reid (robinr@ucsc.edu) if you would like to request a virtual appointment.

ER System

The Employee Request (ER) System will be retired on July 31, 2022 and we are no longer granting new access to the system. All job postings should now be placed in Handshake.

The ER System has been restored under the UCSC Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

How to Access the ER System:

The VPN is only accessible to UCSC students, staff and faculty. If you are an off-campus user of the ER System, you will need to contact the Student Employment Team for assistance at ucscel@ucsc.edu

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated this unexpected issue. Questions about onboarding or recruiting, can be directed to the Student Employment Team at ucscel@ucsc.edu