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Find your next job or internship using Handshake, the official job board of the UCSC Career Center. Looking for work in the Santa Cruz area? Learn how to find a local job in Handshake.

On-Campus Employment - Employee Request (ER) System

The ER system offers both work-study and non work-study options to work on-campus. For more information about job opportunities, visit our Searching for Jobs page.

Monterey Bay Internships

Monterey Bay Career Connect offers FREE college and career readiness resources to educators and students across the region (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties).

Features of the site include college planning, financial aid & loan information, local scholarships, career pathways, skill development, job seeker resources, career assessment, explore careers, live job postings within the Monterey Bay region and California, academic programs offered at community colleges in the Monterey Bay region and more! 

Undergraduate Research at UCSC

Get involved in undergraduate research in all disciplines both on and off campus.

UC Advocacy Network Student Ambassador

This virtual program is a great opportunity for students who want to flex their political power and influence state and federal higher education policies, share the student perspective with lawmakers, and develop resume-building experience in public affairs and advocacy.  Ambassadors promote and participate in UCAN digital campaigns, which make it easy for people to call, email, and tweet at lawmakers on critical issues. They also help with petition drives, bringing the UC community together in support of critical budget and legislative issues that affect everyone. Apply here before September 20, 2020.


Non-UCSC Affiliated Job Boards

Public job boards can be utilized to find full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships. Here are a couple examples of boards that can help you find the best fit opportunity for you!


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