About Us

Our Mission

Prepare students for what they want to do with their lives by developing relevant career skills.

Our Vision

Banana Slugs changing the world, wherever they are, however they can.

Our Services

Our office works to support undergraduate and graduate students, as well as UCSC alumni. Career Success offers career coaching for students and alumni. We hold career fairs and work with on-campus and off-campus partners and employers to set up recruitment events, on-campus info sessions, workshops, and more. Our office also connects students with experiential learning opportunities on campus. We coordinate the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP), the Professional Career Development Program (PCDP), and the GANAS Career Pathways Project. Career Success also manages hiring for on-campus positions and supervises the onboarding process for all new hires. Finally, our website acts as a hub for career resources, including printable handouts and checklists, informational grad school and employment guides, and collections of job boards and external resources.

Meet Our Team


  • emily-white_1.jpg

    Emily White

    Executive Director, Career Success

  • Katy Elliott

    Business Analyst


  • isis.fleming_headshot.jpg

    Isis Fleming

    Administrative Specialist

  • Experiential Learning Team

  • Dr. Veronica Heiskell

    Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Student Employment

  • alma-headshot.jpg

    Alma Orozco

    Internship Coordinator for HSI and EOP Initiatives

  • lauren-orme.png

    Lauren Orme

    Internship Coordinator, CUIP & UCCS

  • Makaida Bailey

    Student Employment Coordinator

  • sammy staff headshot.jpg


    Taylor Harrison

    Student Employment Project Specialist

  • sammy staff headshot.jpg



    LAEP/Work-Study Coordinator

  • Experiential Learning Team: ucscel@ucsc.edu

    Student Employment Team: student-employment-group@ucsc.edu

  • Career Engagement Team

  • eric-curiel-headshot.jpeg

    Eric Curiel

    Interim Associate Director of Career Engagement

    & Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Sciences & Health

    Academic Liaison: Division of Physical & Biological Sciences


  • Rebecca Tivang

    Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Law & Gov., Education & Human Services

    Academic Liaison: Division of Social Sciences


  • sarah-griffin-headshot.jpg

    Sarah Griffin

    Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Arts & Communications

    Academic Liaison: Arts Division, Division of Humanities 


  • erin-busch-headshot.jpg

    Erin Busch

    Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Engineering and Technology

    Academic Liaison: Baskin School of Engineering


  • bridgekennedy.jpeg

    Bridge Kennedy

    Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Environment & Sustainability 

    Academic Liaison: EOP, Resource Centers, STARS


  • mcarmine_400x400.jpg

    Michael Carmine

    Career Engagement Specialist

    Industry Communities: Business & Entrepreneurship

    Academic Liaison: Silicon Valley Extension


  • joe-grato-headshot.jpg

    Joseph Grato

    Recruiting and Events Specialist


  • General Inquiries

  • Email: csuccess@ucsc.edu

    Phone: (831) 459-4420

  • Recruiting, Fairs and Events

    (831) 459-5107 slugtalent@ucsc.edu
  • CUIP Internship Program

    (831) 459-3973 cuip@ucsc.edu
    Website: intern.ucsc.edu
  • Work-study Contact