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Our Mission

Prepare students for what they want to do with their lives by developing relevant career skills.

Our Vision

Banana Slugs changing the world, wherever they are, however they can.

Note from our Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success

Jennifer Baszile

The visibility of career preparedness is on the rise in higher education, fueled by debates over student debt and the value of an undergraduate degree.

Two years ago, the UCSC Career Center began a process of reflection and transformation to address these shifts. In an effort to better serve our current students and prepare them for a rapidly changing world of work, an external review and new strategic plan led to the creation of new positions and resources. 


 A cross-campus consensus emerged that career education and exploration needed elevation to leverage all of the opportunities created by the great teaching, learning, and research happening at this world-class research institution. It also led to the creation of the inaugural Assistant Vice Chancellor for Career Success, the position I am honored to hold.  

The UCSC student body represents the future of the California and national workforce. The challenges we face and the solutions we create in service of our students will serve as a model for social mobility. A great deal about the service delivery model and the scale of our work will change. Our dedication to students and our focus on the holistic engagement throughout the UCSC experience will remain the same.  

The Career Success Team at UCSC is proud of the new path that we are charting. We look forward to continuing to build strong networks of support for our students. 


Jennifer Baszile

Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success