Prepare students for what they want to do with their lives.


Prepare students for what they want to do with their lives by developing relevant career skills.


Banana Slugs changing the world, wherever they are, however they can.

Note from the Director:

Our staff is ready to assist you with practically any career development interests you can imagine. Are you a student looking for a part-time job to help finance your education? Are you a graduate ready to begin a new career? Look no further. You have found the right place. We have hundreds of part-time and full-time internship and employment opportunities for our students and alumni. In addition to your superior academic preparation at UC Santa Cruz, you have access to a full range of services from Career Advising to Special Programs and events to help you achieve your employment and career objectives.

You will be pleased to know that employers place a very high premium on college graduates when it comes to hiring practices, salary offers, and promotions. Thanks to our renowned faculty, highly committed staff, and outstanding student body, this University produces an exceptional and highly respected group of alumni.

I invite you to drop by and visit our center. Our staff welcomes you as an important visitor.

Barbara Silverthorne