Post Jobs & Internships for UCSC Students

All employers recruiting UCSC students must be in compliance with our Recruiting Guidelines.


The easiest and most effective way to recruit Slug talent is to post on and off-campus job and internship opportunities on Handshake, the job search and career services platform officially partnered with UCSC. We've upgraded your recruiting experience by teaming up with Handshake, including: 

  • Everything you need for recruiting in one place, including career fairs, information sessions, job/internship posting, on-campus interviews, and more

  • Free access to post jobs/internships to one of the largest networks of college career centers

  • Integrated accounts: one username and password for all schools

  • Visibility at America’s top colleges and universities

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal College Work-Study Program stimulates and promotes part-time employment for currently registered students who are eligible for Financial Aid and are awarded Work-Study. This program gives the student the opportunity to earn a portion of their financial aid, and to explore career possibilities while gaining valuable and practical work experience.

Email us with questions about work-study at

Not Affiliated With A Company? 

If you are an individual looking to hire a student for caregiving, tutoring, domestic work, etc., it may be difficult for you to post your job on Handshake, as we require recruiters on Handshake to sign up with a business email and have a link to their organization’s website. 

Instead, you can take advantage of these resources, which are unaffiliated with UCSC:

Other ways to get in touch with students: