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The Career Center offers coaching and assessments to assist you in discovering majors and careers that reflect your interests and passions.

Explore different job titles broken down by subject and specific career areas       

Choosing a Major
Hone in on your interests and choose a major. Explore and research where that major can take you, and what jobs are available!

The Career Center subscribes to services that help explain your personality and which professions would be best suited for you. Start narrowing your job search now!

Career Planning Checklist
Use this tool to become aware of all UCSC has to offer and a flexible checklist.

Career Research Websites
Listings of job search sites that are public domain. They range in location, job type and qualifications. Go explore the job market!

Career & Internship Prep Class
Take a class that will prepare you for internships or your career path. Learn more about yourself and the steps to win the position you seek. Enroll now!

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