Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to reach our student body. Email specific majors and grade levels on campus and provide students with information about your job-related event on campus or job and internship opportunities you have off campus!

Cost: $300 per one thousand students emailed; $150/thousand for non-profits

All emails must be scheduled 14 working days in advance and payment must be received before we craft your email.

Email marketing is limited to information that provides job opportunities to our students. We do not accept requests for advertising of products, services, or any jobs that result in an expense to students.

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Newsletter Posting

Advance your email marketing and reach more students by posting jobs and internships in our weekly newsletters!

  • We send 10 newsletters per quarter/30 per academic year
  • Each email is sent to 20,000+ students


  • Newsletter weekly posting: $50 for Non-Profit; $100 for Corporate
  • Newsletter 2-week hot jobs posting (paid jobs only): $75 for Non-Profit; $175 for Corporate

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